[travel|cancer] Maryland, My Maryland

Dad and Mom (who has been visiting) are checking out of our Rockville hotel today. Lisa Costello works today, but tomorrow we’re off to Ocean City for a week of quiet. We’ll back here in Rockville a week from Saturday. I expect to be called back into the NIH possibly sometime the following week, possibly not til the week after.

Originally it would have been early that following week, but the business of using my Whole Genome Sequencing data to provide genetic screening of the TIL cells is adding to our wait time.

Meanwhile, my side hurts a lot. Some ill-advised movement the other day set my recovery back a bit, and I have a wicked, painful knot in my chest which I’m pretty sure is a result of me favoring the area around the surgery wound. Still I am healing well enough that when I sneezed twice this morning, it was not mind-shattering agony. And I am finally able to sleep a bit.

Progress is made. Tomorrow, it will be progress headed eastward to the shore.

3 thoughts on “[travel|cancer] Maryland, My Maryland

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    Hope the weather is decent for you – it is due to be a little more seasonable rather than icy cold in the mid-Atlantic this week.

  2. skiffy_grrl says:

    Is anything open in OC? Enjoy it anyway–I had a NASFiC bid for 2007 there but I had to end it when Jack got sick.

    1. Jay says:

      Heck no! It’s the off-season. Almost everything is closed in OC. Nice time to visit if you want quiet…

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