[personal] The things I did yesterday

I slept in.

I watched the beach out of the windows of our hotel room.

I had the last stitches from my thoracic surgery removed at an urgent care facility here in Ocean City. (Ouch.) Some pleasantly unexpected personal kindnesses were exchanged.

Lisa Costello and evacuated our room when the hotel alarms went off, slogging through the near-freezing, blowing sideways rain to reach the lobby rather than walk through the building. There we spent twenty minutes or so chatting with the day manager whilst emergency responders tramped around the hotel verifying that it was a false alarm.

I re-read some C.J. Cherryh. I’m still not doing well with new material, but I’m able to reread old material which appeals to me.

We had a truly excellent calzone for dinner at Pizza Tugos.

How was your day?

7 thoughts on “[personal] The things I did yesterday

  1. Tim Keating says:

    Was it her Foreigner series? I only just discovered those and find them to be (mostly) amazing.

    On a related note, if you’re not reading on some sort of electronic device, you should be. I have found the ability to blow up the type to Rushmore size makes reading WAY easier with my aging eyeballs. I don’t know whether that would help with your ability to process, but it might.

    1. Jay says:

      Yes, and yes. 🙂

  2. Tim Keating says:

    Good deal. I wish they would get around to releasing the books beyond the first trilogy in ebook.

  3. Barbara says:

    i made another beautiful hippocampal culture (number J 459), then i cleaned up, i learned about being a volunteer usher at the Portland’5 facility (formerly the Portland Center for the Performing Arts), happily no false alarms. our tour of the theater facility included a mock evacuation of the Winningstad Theater.i waited for a ride at Powell’s (and managed to exit without buying anything) i went home and ate cookies and milk and fell asleep. on Tuesday, i noted that the steampunk food cart, formerly housing The Transylvanian Express has left the building! it was for sale not long after it opened for business in late September, and now it is gone. i will report if I hear of its whereabouts.

  4. MLE says:


    After much driving around town and checking out lotsa options, I’ve finally procured a new TV & stand on wheels (which tucks nicely outta the way when not in use). Built the latter, affixed the former to’t, then somehow (amazingly!) managed to figure out how to access NetFlix streaming (ditto Amazon Prime) so finally (quite late!) watched stuff on the larger-than-laptop screen. Whee!

  5. I fell down a half flight of stairs. So that was awesome!

    1. Jay says:

      Man, you really know how to live!

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