[cancer] Slow day yesterday, always worrying

I had a lot of minor issues yesterday. In sum, I was lethargic, exhausted and very hard put to tolerate much physical or mental activity. Also, the pain in my chest was subjectively worse than previous days.

Both Lisa Costello and I worry about me sliding. The slide is inevitable, but we still worry. Not sure if yesterday was me still recovering from Monday’s expedition into DC, or post-operative recovery making its demands known more loudly, or terminal decline sneaking up on me, or the previous night’s bad sleep thanks to my shouty hotel neighbors. Likely all four.

It’s a hell of a life where every sleepy day quite legitimately feels like a harbinger of death.

Right now, there’s a foot of snow on the ground from overnight snowfall and at least twelve hours more snow expected. So we’re low and slow this day as well.

One thought on “[cancer] Slow day yesterday, always worrying

  1. Eve Rose says:

    I wonder what your NIH docs have to say about the lethargy? Hang in there. I mentioned your blog to my oncologist and he is going to check it out for the research angle. At least he said he would…

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