[friends] Signal boost for a significant problem with Aetna

My friend, California writer Karen Williams, has a post here about a prescription drug coverage problem she’s having with health insurance carrier Aetna. Go read it if you will, but in a nutshell, Karen has multiple sclerosis, and without a key medication, can barely walk and has difficulty functioning. Aetna has dropped the ball hard on authorizing her medication refill despite Karen’s acting well in advance of need to secure that refill, and she is running out over this holiday weekend without any action from them.

If you know anyone at Aetna, either in management or in their social media group, please ping them on Karen’s behalf. Or feel free to just pass some version of her message along through social media, until Aetna takes notice.

Organizational inefficiency may be one way to maximize shareholder value through delaying benefit payouts, but it’s taking away Karen’s ability to walk.