[personal] Five things make a post, I think

Let’s see if I can count.

1) Dad, Lisa Costello and I are flying home this afternoon. This because NIH pushed back the start date of my immunotherapy by about three weeks from what we originally expected. I can’t really complain, as the reason for this is the genetic selection phase they added to the protocol in order to leverage my Whole Genome Sequencing data and optimize the TIL cell infusion, but it adds another layer of financial cost and logistical complexity to the whole business. Frankly, instead of waiting here to start treatment, we’d have gone home two weeks ago if we’d understood the schedule. Such is personalized medicine in this age of miracle and wonders.

2) I am increasingly interested in seeing the The Lego Movieimdb ]. This film seems to fall into the category I call “movies which are much better than they have to be.” A good example of this is 2012’s ParaNormanimdb ], which was an animated kids’ comedy about a zombie attack on a New England town. But it had a clever, well thought out script with an ending far more humane than one would ever expect from a zombie movie, which made watching ParaNorman a much more rewarding experience than one would ever expect from the film’s subject matter, genre or marketing. So perhaps with Lego. Maybe this week.

3) The persistent pain knot in my chest has faded a bit. I have recently started taking gabapentin for it. I’m not sure if the connection is causal, as gabapentin has a titration period before it becomes effective. In reading up on gabapentin, I discovered that it can be recreationally abused. Which amazed me. I guess people really will try anything.

4) I have been trying to compose a post about Kansas House Bill 2453, which is a profoundly senseless, cruel effort to enshrine wholesale persecution of gay and lesbian citizens into law, masquerading as a defense of religious freedom. I just can’t figure out what to say that doesn’t make me sound so shrill and angry that I can’t even stand to read it myself. This is the apotheosis of the Republican religious-conservative axis into Poe’s Law, in which their extremism has transcended even self-parody. I have only one question for the religious conservatives of Kansas: “Would you do as you would be done by?” Sadly, we already know the answer to that one.

5) After that number four, I don’t have the heart for a fifth. I guess I can’t count.

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  1. pwstrain says:

    The Lego Movie is really good! I saw it with the kids and was pleasantly surprised. Your description nailed it: better than it had to be.

  2. Stacia says:

    The Kansas bill is apparently shelved (“referred to committee”) because once it became public, they realized their deliberately vague wording meant they had included hetero marriages in the mix. The bill never specifically stated gay couples could be discriminated against, just “couples,” and only couples and not individuals, for strange reasons. Kansas has a history of this; in about 2004 they had a marriage act meant to outlaw gay marriage that inadvertently meant no one could get married in Kansas, plus it outlawed hetero common law marriage. That got shelved, too.

    What is somewhat heartening is that a lot of people are pointing out that this law (and the no-evolution teaching law, the law forcing all municipalities to make concealed carry legal, etc.) will do nothing but force the state to defend itself against SCOTUS, and ultimately fail, so there is more outcry than usual. Usually, Kansas passes whatever and tries to say they’re the sane ones, it’s all the other states that are immoral. Ha ha.

    I know some people say “everyone in Kansas is just like Fred Phelps” — you never have, Jay, which I appreciate more than I can say — but it happens often enough that I’d like to note that there are a LOT more liberal and moderate people in Kansas than the media lets on. These laws are often passed locally in municipalities where the people voted to make discrimination illegal, but rich fundies come in and override what the people actually want, and legalize discrimination. That happened here in Manhattan KS, which made national news, and it’s happened in other towns, too. This HB2453 is the same thing, only on the state level.

  3. Stacia says:

    I also wanted to say I hope the gabapentin and going home for a while help with the issues you’ve been having. Gabapentin was the med of choice for a doctor I used to transcribe for; he swore by it for pain relief, and I’m hoping it works as well for you!

  4. Emily Mah says:

    I had a rather “meh” reaction to The Lego Movie, and I rushed out to see it because of the “better than it had to be” reviews. If you think about it too hard, the plot rather falls apart – but it is entertaining. In short: good fun but not an absolute must see.

  5. Jeff P says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed ParaNorman, also! I loved that movie! As a cartoonist, I was so inspired I bought the “making of” book and the DVD strictly for the behind-the-scenes stuff. And you’re absolutely right, it’s far more touching in a real way than most animated films.

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