[personal] I feel like Bill Heck

And believe me, Bill Heck is a distinct improvement over William Hell.

I laid very low yesterday, and I took the heavy artillery to help me sleep long and hard last night. Today the pain knot in my chest is complaining, but as of late, that’s normal. I still feel an overwhelming fatigue. Most of the rest of yesterday’s somatic complainants have quieted down.

Clearly I have no resilience these days. Not sure if that’s the long-term new normal, or part of the surgical recovery arc. Given the continuing advance of my dozens of metastatic tumors, I tend to assume this is another permanent loss of functionality as I continue in my terminal decline.

At any rate, in relative terms, I do feel better. In absolute terms, meh.

One thought on “[personal] I feel like Bill Heck

  1. Stevie says:

    I’m glad you feel better; at the very least this suggests that it’s a normal part of the surgical recovery arc. Most people who have had a chunk removed from a lung would feel incredibly crappy for quite some time; that is not an area of the body which tolerates being messed with.
    So, I hope you get more sleep, and carry on improving, and please bear in mind the fact that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with crap. Most people lack your strength and endurance!

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