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Yesterday, [info]the_child and I went to a matinee of The Lego Movieimdb ]. I was highly, highly entertained.

A lot of what I’d like to say about the movie would be spoileriffic, and it’s far too new a movie for me to be doing that. Suffice to say that this is one of those movies that falls into the category of “better than it had to be.” The visuals ranged from hilarious to occasionally breathtaking to sometimes goofy. The dialog had some fantastic lines, including one from Metalbeard that had me losing my shit in the theater. Trust me, you’ll know it when you hear it. And while the script didn’t have the depth and heart of some of Pixar’s stronger work, it was plenty warm and worthwhile.

One thing that I loved about this movie was the way they totally owned the cross-licensing. Lego has licenses with half the media universe, and characters show up in this film you’d never, ever see together in any other circumstance. Gandalf arguing with Dumbledore, for example. Plus best movie Batman EVAR. Just retire the Dark Knight franchise now, please. Not to mention which the Batman/Star Wars crossover bit was deeply hilarious.

So, yeah. Unless you just can’t stand animation, or don’t care for light-hearted films, go see this. (Though there are some less light-hearted moments.) The Lego Movie is funny as heck, and short enough not to overplay its gags.

3 thoughts on “[movies] The Lego Movie

  1. Jonathan says:

    Haven’t laughed that consistently throughout an entire movie in a long, long time. Everything is awesome.

    1. saveswhat says:

      I hated it. Usually, I like kid movies well enough, but I found that I was constantly checking my watch to see how much longer I’d have to sit there.

  2. I figured you would enjoy it. I was wondering about the nature and origins of the Lego figures: Are they a race of plastic golems created long ago, keeping their city running through the ages? Or are they actually people who have been bound into small boxes to limit their growth and plastinated, so they can assume this specialized (and lucrative) occupation?

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