[personal] Lacuna of wit and erudition this day

I slept poorly on Thursday night, so yesterday was very low-and-slow. Still managed some socialization when [info]mlerules came over bearing pizza and we all watched Despicable Me 2imdb ], a household favorite in these here parts.

Having a family gathering at midday today, again here at the house so I don’t have to strain myself going out. I’m capable of driving, but it exhausts me, so I do as little as possible, and only where there’s a strong value associated with that investment of my time and energy.

At any rate, I grew neither irate nor inspired about anything, so today is Banal Blog Post day. Feel free to ask questions in comments, if you wish. About anything that strikes your fancy.

One thought on “[personal] Lacuna of wit and erudition this day

  1. Ron says:

    Do you play Nintendo games? If so, did you play the new Super Mario 3D World? It’s a fantastic game. I highly recommend the new Nintendo console, even though it’s very unpopular. It has brought some joy into my life.

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