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Un dernier recueil de nouvelles pour Jay Lake — (Via Sangoire De Terre d’Ange.)

The Privilege of Assuming It’s Not about YouHaley Morris-Cafiero is an artist, a photographer, and a scorned body. Aware that her appearance attracts disgust and mockery from some, she decided to try to document people’s public disdain. The result is a series of photographs exposing the people who judge and laugh at her.

World Press 2014: Signals from Djibouti — Rather science fictional and more than a little sad. (Via David Goldman.)

Tau Boötis b: A ’3-D’ Look at Star and Planet

Climate Change Deniers Lose Their Cool — You guys are going to have a lot to answer for when our grandchildren want to know why we didn’t do something sooner, while we still could have.

Climate change deniers have grasped that markets can’t fix the climateBut climate change denial is also about ideology. Many deniers have come to the conclusion that climate change is some kind of leftwing conspiracy – because the scale of the international public intervention necessary to cut carbon emissions in the time demanded by the science simply cannot be accommodated within the market-first, private enterprise framework they revere. As with most conservative positions, the ideology comes first, followed by a search for supporting evidence, what George W. Bush called “the true facts”. Which makes it very hard to change your position when you by definition reject non-compliant evidence, such as all those other pesky facts that don’t mean the conservative definition of “truth”. That was the whole point of the BEST project after all, and look how an intellectually honest conservative review of the evidence turned out. The template for this is of course evolution denial. (Snurched from Scrivener’s Error.)

Darkening of Melting Arctic Amplifying Global Warming from CO2One of nature’s key defenses against global warming—the reflection of the sun’s rays away from Earth by Arctic sea ice—has fallen victim to… global warming. And according to a study published Monday, the vicious feedback loop is worse than previously thought.

Health Care Horror Hooey — Paul Krugman makes the same point I was making a few days ago, about unforced errors in the GOP’s anti-Obamacare initiative.

I’m embarrassed by Ted NugentWhen did conservatives become prisoners to idiotic vulgarity? I ask that question as someone who self-defines as conservative and who is sick and tired of being embarrassed by Ted Nugent. Let me remind you of a little something called the Southern Strategy, as well as its post-Nixon incarnations. Not to mention the GOPAC memo. So-called “good conservatives” getting the vapors now is about four or five decades too late.

Fun With Metadata

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Military Spending Cuts and How They Are Being Distorted

?otD: Won’t you stop me now?

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One thought on “[links] Link salad is having a good time

  1. homa_bird says:

    “Global warming” skepticism (let’s call it by its original name, instead of the newer euphemism “climate change” which was adopted as a foolproof definition/umbrella when the warming models began to fail, one by one) is not just about ideology, it’s about science that doesn’t quite hit the bucket and models that fail to perform as AGW proponents claimed. What you stated about the backassward search for supporting evidence can absolutely apply to AGW science, (they made solid predictions for 2013-14 to be the warmest winter on record for the US).
    Now we are hearing that global warming causes global cooling. Talk about searching for compliant evidence… What part of this makes sense?

    As to what my grandchildren will remember of me: no worries. My so called carbon footprint is strikingly miniscule: not because I have swallowed a faulty AGW theory, but because it is my deepest priority to think carefully and act with unilateral respect and honor towards all resources, human, environmental et al.

    The social costs of implementing carbon taxes are worth looking at: Global warming skeptics are not monsters: there is a palpable disdain for the 3rd world’s poor built in to the ginormous global carbon taxation scheme. Oppressive taxes are just that.


    In short, global warming skepticism is not the child of angry white male conservatives. Skepticism has been turned into a dirty word here. I think of my questioning stance as a thinking person’s careful consideration of a glaringly conflicted, unstable science. This stance does not preclude, preempt or presuppose environmental or social irresponsibility, quite the opposite.

    More to ponder: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/02/22/cowtan-and-way-2013-adjustments-exaggerate-climate-model-failings-at-the-poles-and-do-little-to-explain-the-hiatus/#more-103637

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