[personal] Blog content for a while…

For obvious reasons, blog content for a while will be almost all cancer, all the time, other than daily Link Salad and Moment of Zen posts. There may be some irregular or omitted days, depending on where I am in the treatment cycle.

I have some political and cultural posts I’d like to make, but as I’m under a lot of medical stress, I don’t trust myself to be as nuanced and focused as I need to be in those cases. If I’m going to be inflammatory, I’d strongly prefer to do so on purpose. Even more to the point, I don’t want to accidentally stir shit because I’m too goofy to really know what I’m doing.

So unless there’s a stretch of unusually clear-mindedness ahead, pretty much going to be focused on the NIH trial experience here for some time to come.

8 thoughts on “[personal] Blog content for a while…

  1. Monica says:

    Good luck, sounds like you have a lot going on in the next while. Focus on yourself and hopefully killing all the cancer cells inside of you. Really wishing good thoughts your way!

  2. Ovasi says:

    Let me be one of many people that wish you good luck

  3. Rhiannon Rj says:

    I wish you lots, Jay. Luck, contentedness, whatever you need, I wish you lots of it. I look forward to hearing about it.

  4. Jay Sheckley says:

    Good. We’re interested!
    Following your story improves all our lives.

  5. Stevie says:

    Jay, there are very few people who would even stop to think about being nuanced and focused when they comment on political and cultural matters; the fact that you do so in your current position, all plumbed up and ready to go, is why people want to read what you want to write…

  6. Barbara says:

    inflammation/ inflammatory?
    it is a delicate balance. hoping all the fluids are going the right directions. Go Immune System Go!!! hooray for docs and nurses and scientists and willing patients such as your goodself!

  7. Casey says:

    Somehow you’re getting sharper and funnier the closer you get to this process. Also, your other commenters, so far, are on it, especially Jay S., Stevie, and Barbara.

  8. Diane Asyre says:

    I wonder about focus. Do we find it or does it find us? Sharing an old poem that makes me think about you:
    – To Write –
    I draw with words the writer said;
    I hear pictures in my head.
    They swim and spin and ruin rest, leaving me quite obsessed.
    What can I do but take a pen and then sit down and let the words spill all around.

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