[NIH Day 15]

Buy here but winding down now int recovery period. I’m still fat fingering most f what I try to type. This post absolutely included.

Friday midday I received 43.3 billion of my TIL cells infused back to me. A while raft of helper drugs came with, notably IL-2. I lasted 4 doses of iL-2, and was willing to tolerate more, but the doctors thought I was already at risk of serious lung and kidney issues from drug.

More to come I have it, not to mention recovering some of my writing skills. This post took over 30 minutes to compose on a full sized keyboard. Ah, cancer.

7 thoughts on “[NIH Day 15]

  1. Stevie says:

    Really great to see you back, and really awed by your ability to compose anything at all, with or without keyboard, so soon after IL2.
    I’m hoping that the 43.3 billion TIL cells are at work, putting the boot into your tumours…

  2. Julie Nordeen says:

    Reading and fearing and hoping! Thanks for doing so much to keep posting. Healing to you, and hugs.

  3. pelican says:

    Yay- so glad to hear hear from you so soon, and so glad to hear that everything is going to plan! Hoping for a smooth quick recovery from the IL2.

  4. M.A. says:

    You must be the stubbornest man alive! (And in my family that’s a great compliment.)

  5. Diane Asyre says:

    So good to hear from you! I hope you have a day where your strength rises without so much effort.

  6. Go, TIL cells, go! Do your thing!

    And, in fanspeak, “43.3 billion, that’s not too many….”

  7. Yasmine says:

    Don’t say it often enough, but dude, you’re leaving a pretty helpful trail of breadcrumbs with these posts for others who might end up going through cancer. (Hugs)…and sending hope.

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