[cancer] Freedom pending?

It’s been a big day here at NIH. I don’t know all the details that led up to it all, but Joe took Jay off-campus for what Jay called a qualified success of a lunch date.

Jay’s now exhausted from being out and about, but the meal was successful.

His blood counts are good enough that the doctors want to discharge him tomorrow. He & I are going to spend the night at the family lodge, and if that goes well, then discharge is likely.

We still need to ask the doctors about his discharge meds and what his discharge care will be like, so more on that as we know it.

Through Michael’s (Jay’s brother) connections and Joe’s efforts to contact the landlady, Jay & I have found a room to rent in a house not too far off-campus for the time between his discharge and his first follow-up, which will be 4/14-4/15. It will be nice to be out of institutional living for both of us. We should move into that room on Friday.

As I type, Jay’s undergoing acupuncture to try and treat the food issue, which already seems to be on its way out. But we figured it wouldn’t hurt for him to give it a try anyway. Now the acupuncturist is trying to treat Jay’s cough – fingers crossed. Joe and the acupuncturist are having a lovely conversation in her native language.

5 thoughts on “[cancer] Freedom pending?

  1. Suzan Harden says:

    That’s fabulous news! Keeping my fingers crossed that things keep heading in the better direction for y’all!

  2. Terry says:

    Excellent news. Tell him Yay for me. Thanks for the update!

  3. Stacia says:

    Terrific news!

  4. Erica says:

    I’m glad to hear he’s feeling better and the food situation is improving. It’s got to be horrible to be unable to eat for so long. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

  5. pelican says:

    What excellent news! That’s great to hear, hope the at-home care isn’t too onerous.

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