[cancer] Quick update re email, comments and social media

As recently discussed here, both my body and my mind are fully occupied with some fairly serious food issues, post-treatment. As such, I am very dilatory about responding to email, blog comments or social media chatter. My apologies. When I am back to full functioning in body and mind, I’ll return to my usual online response times.

6 thoughts on “[cancer] Quick update re email, comments and social media

  1. Suzan Harden says:

    Jay, you have nothing to apologize for. You’re dealing with some fairly serious issues.

  2. Pam Adams says:

    Your health is important- anything else can wait.

    Do the protein shakes or drinks work for you with your appetite issues?

  3. Sending you hugs and virtual chamomile tea (or whatever soothes your GI tract)!

  4. You need a standard picture that says “Sorry, can’t post or tweet right now. Fighting cancer!” Followed immediately by an image that says “Jay, shut the hell up and get well!” – Signed Every Single One of Your Friends and Readers

  5. Patrick Sweetman says:

    Cultivate a sense of foodie adventure, Jay. My suggestion is to look at making your own mayonnaise. Just Olive Oil, egg, and some minor ingredients. No ordinary person would eat mayonnaise by the bucket load, but just now, you are special.

  6. Stevie says:

    You continue to inspire us, whether you are blogging, emailing, tweeting or not; all best wishes from Curaçao!

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