Finding the Interior View

Home, so to speak. Train trip was peaceful and productive. The upstairs tenants have just gone to the coast until tomorrow. There wasn’t any conflict in progress on my return, which was a welcome change from recent trends.

Had a terrific weekend in Seattle, with great thanks to who should be thanked.

Now wrestling with longer run issues over various life choices. The problems aren’t all bad — some of them fall into the world’s tiniest violin category, frankly — but some of them are also deeply toxic. I get psychic whiplash living my everyday life right now.

Who ever knew this was what 40 would bring? Weird as it is, this is also shaping up to be the best year of my life. And that’s even without the Hugo nomination thing… I just have to keep looking within.


In Seattle this weekend socially.

In Rockaway Beach next weekend for a workshop.

In San Jose at the end of the month for Frank and Alison’s wedding.

In Omaha the week of August 8th.

In LA August 19th through 22nd for WotF XX.

Then off to WorldCon.

And with the possible exception of Omaha, I’ll see LJ’ers everywhere I go. Hello and hugs to you all.

Jay, “no detectable signs of incompetence”

Head in Mud

You know, some days are like rain, settling lightly on your shoulders and soothing balm for your soul. Others are like hot mud, grabbing at your steps and filling your lungs with sulfurous stench.

Today has managed to be both at once. I’m considering changing my name, moving to Shoshone, CA, and selling tied-dyed socks out of an old VW bus. Thoughts?

Journaling, grumble grumble but good stuff

Like I ever journal. Yeesh. Yet here I am, reading more friends on LJ all the time. I’m thinking about moving my RM topic threads and my SFF.Net group threads over here.

To that end, sold two pieces yesterday. “Eggs for Dinner” to Animal Companions, YA antho ed. Julie Czerneda. Another piece elsewhere TBA as soon as I sort out minor details with the market.

Plus delivered the author’s notes for the upcoming American Sorrows from Wheatland Press, a collection of long short fiction — look for it at WorldCon and as an ebook from Scorpius Digital. And this is cool if you haven’t seen it, a very nice, thoughtful review of my Rushes chapbook from Fairwood Press.

On a personal note, I had a terrific time at the Strange Horizons Oregon Coast Workshop with a cast of almost a dozen, including LJers zhaneel69 and zellandyne. And for those of you who have been having a powerful positive effect on my life lately, thank you. You know who you are.