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TEL : Stories

An anthology of short stories edited by Jay Lake.


Greer Gilman—Jack Daw’s Pack
Ken Scholes—The Santaman Cycle
Carrie Vaughn—Danaë at Sea
Th. Metzger—Hex-Ray Hoodoo Rapture
Brendan Connell—Benares (a Metrophilia)
Ian Creasey—In Profit and In Loss
Jetse de Vries—Gaudí, Cons & Spires
Tim Pratt—Gulls
Darja Malcolm-Clarke—The Sibyl of Tamarish
Mikal Trimm—Wash Is Done
Leah Bobet—Dog Days
Lawrence M. Schoen—Stations of the Cheeseburger
Dean Wesley Smith—Let’s Pretend
Greg Beatty—The Song of the Solipsilepidopterist
Steve Carper—Holly: New Paree Prime: Spring Two
Toiya Kristen Finley—Juju Hoodoo Man Sangs th Blues
Forrest Aguirre—Soma
Mike Philbin—The Midas Touch
Jeremy Robert Johnson—Last Thoughts Drifting Down
Anil Menon—Love in a Hot Climate
Timalyne Frazier—The Devil’s Half-Brother
Paul Woodlin—God Words
Sonya Taaffe—The White Swan
Charles Tuomi—She Watches the Man
Ruth Nestvold—Revenge in the Funhouse
Victoria Elizabeth Garcia—Town of Boar Hollow Ordinance No. VII-__-2001
Jeff VanderMeer—Lost
Gregory Feeley—Fancy Bread