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[photos|art] Me and the Child

A few miscellaneous images which have popped up in the course of the day…

Herb Girl, by :

Herb Girl (c) 2008 B. Lake
“Herb Girl” by

A couple of photos of me, one old, one recent:

Jay Lake (c) 2006 John Klima
Photo of me by John Klima, taken at WFC in 2006.

Jay Lake (c) 2008 Miki G.
Photo of me by Miki the Diet Coke Girl, taken at Jen Scholes’ birthday party last weekend.

[art] For Portlanders (and those in the surrounding environs)

Mother of the Child is having an art opening for her mixed media watercolor/pencils, along with some of her fabric art on display. Friday, October 24th, 2008 from 7 to 9 pm at Gossamer, 2418 E Burnside, Portland, OR. For store info, (503) 233 4807.

If you’re interested in whimsical, fantastic illustration in the tradition of Beardsley and Rackham, or appreciate felting as an art form, please do come by. the_child and I will be there as well.