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[calendula] A grand weekend at Points North

ably describes our weekend at Points North amongst her family and the fields of her youth. A marvelous time was had by all, albeit somewhat intense. I took a number of photos, but have just discovered I have the wrong card reader with me tonight, so they will remain inaccessible a while longer.

My day consisted of starting in Mendocino County, CA, being driven down to SFO by , flying to PDX, being met by and in the Genre car, dropping off at her place, then driving to Pacific County, WA to my parents’ beach house. So, erm, 5+ hours in the car and 3+ hours in airport and airplanes. Whew.

Beach house for a week (working the Day Jobbe from here as well as forging ahead on Endurance), then Omaha, then back to San Francisco and on the 17th.

[calendula|cancer] Points North, and the weekend

and I are heading for Points North in a few minutes. This is where I get to meet the family. I have promised not to wear my underpants on my head this time. I will be partially or fully offline through Sunday night, so further updates will be irregular at best. Writing time may also be at a premium, but as I’ve already met the week’s goal, that should be cause for only minimal alarm.

In other news, my mom is fine. ER visit was a false alarm.

In other other news, the inside of my head is a complicated, scary place cancer-wise, with the chemo train now building up a head of steam at the platform. When I understand myself a little better, I’ll talk about the emotional process, as I do. For now I’m happy to love and be loved and have a distracting, still-healthy weekend.

[calendula] A grand weekend away

and I spent a four-day weekend at Iron Springs, at the writer’s retreat and conference there. We were among old friends and new, including , , , , , , , , Chrissy, , a cast of almost a dozen others whose LJ handles are unknown to me or have slipped my mind, and of course our host, . Iron Springs is an ageing (to the point of being nigh post-apocalyptic) resort that is completely off the grid with respect to cell phones and Internet, so it was a very focused weekend.

This is where and I first met last year, and such a long, strange year it’s been. At least two of the folks there last year tried to warn her off of me (Hah! Take that!), but everyone this year seemed quite happy that we had eventually worked things out and are quite happy our own selves. Lots of walking, lots of writing, lots of workshopping, some good conversation, a guerrilla underwear signing, and a fair amount of romance.

Came back this afternoon and put on a plane back for San Francisco. I’m exhausted, and so is she. I’ll fly down tomorrow to hit my second opinion appointment on Tuesday for the cancer stuff, then spend the rest of the week with her. So indeed a grand weekend away, with a grand week to come.

[calendula] Iron Springs

Tomorrow morning, and I are off to Iron Springs. We first met at this same retreat last year. It took a while for us to figure out what we might mean to each other, and we’ll never be done with that process, but making the trip again this year with the love of my life is an intensely wonderful gift from the universe.

[calendula] Strange days indeed

Very early this morning I got an email from , detailing the beginning of her emergency room saga. Various emails, phone calls and hop-to-its later, I headed for work (in Omaha) all packed and ready to bug out to San Francisco two days early. When I found out they were giving her morphine, I pulled the trigger on rebooking my flight. Spent almost the entire day traveling unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, discussing this with my spiritual advisor , he mentioned that today was the anniversary date of my original ER admission for my cancer saga. The overlay of that with my intense concern for created an emotional turmoil which lasted most of the day, thankfully dissipating before I reached San Francisco.

Flights were troublesome, first leg delayed so I had to sprint for the connection, connecting flight held over an hour for maintenance issues, but I made it. She’s home safe and well, though with no ultimate diagnosis. We’re both going to be off work tomorrow, so she can take care of herself and I can take care of her.