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[books|contests] Green

Well, this morning I sent off the completed galley edits of Green.

This afternoon, the ARCs arrived:

Photo by

I guess it’s a Green day in my world!

ARC contest number two is now open. Tell me in comments why you should win an ARC for your own reading pleasure. Voting poll next week.

[contests] Belated announcement of the Post-Novel Ennui Contest winner

The voting poll for Post-Novel Ennui Contest [ | LiveJournal ], here, has been closed since last week, but management inefficiencies here on this blog have interfered with a formal announcement of the results until now.

The winner is….

goulo, with his suggestion of:

Start learning Esperanto so you can use it in some weird historical fiction, as well as expand the way you think about using language generally.

goulo wins a personalized ARC of Green, once I have some, signed by me and mailed to him in Poland, or wherever the heck he will be wanting to receive mail.

Thank you for playing, everyone! There were some wonderful suggestions there.

[contests] Tourbillon Tuckerization poll results

We have a winner in the Tourbillon Tuckerization poll!

With 25% of all votes cast (35), kproche wins with:

“Because you know just how *good* I’d look in that uniform. Plus, I make really good Giant Toast.”

Runner up will also receive special recognition, with 15.7% of all votes cast (22), mcurry:

“I should be a character in Tourbillon because then the fact that I am also a character in Green would provide endless hours of confusion as readers tried to figure out how the two worlds were connected.”

Thanks everyone for playing! Congratulations to all concerned.

[contest] Why should you be a character in Tourbillon?

I have decided to name a slightly dim-witted British Army lieutenant in Goa after one of my blog readers. Here in comments, leave a brief explanation of why you should be immortalized in Tourbillon. Around Tuesday I’ll make a poll out of the answers, and we’ll vote in the winner of this fabulous Tuckerization.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your comment engines.