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[personal] A tiny bit of updatery

In Dallas, waiting for my connecting flight. I doubt I’ll be back online much before late this evening, but I wanted to mention a couple of things before they slip my mind.

I’m an aficionado of the view above the clouds. I’ve seen some amazing things from the little ovoid aircraft window, from towering electrical storms by moonlight, to the entire Cascade volcano line backlit by blazing sunset, to streams of emergency vehicles pacing our landing, to the Zurich airport racing byvery close to the wingtip and perpendicular to my personal orientation. Today I saw two things I’d never seen before.

After a long nap, I awoke to look out. The sun was directly behind my angle of view, so I saw the shadow of our aircraft on a nearby cloud, surrounded by a circular rainbow. Moments later we broke into clearer skies, and I saw bright rays of light at a long angle, light spotlights in the sky, illuminating the ground amid the dimmer light of morning. Nothing I could possibly have photographed, but amazing images.

Also, I’ve gone about 36 hours now in something resembling normal digestive health. The relief this represents is profound. Two nights of decent sleep doesn’t hurt either. This gives me hope for an energetic and productive weekend.

Boarding soon.

[personal] Omaha zzz

Managed my energy much better at work today. Also got back to the hotel early, and have been quiet and largely horizontal since. Clearly I’m not going to get any writing done this week, due to the energy demands of work+travel. This would really tick me off if I let it, but I need to lay low and take care of myself.

Another work day tomorrow, followed by the Omaha Beach Party, then lighting out for the territories Friday morning. See some, all or none of you in the Bay Area this weekend.

I’ll be funny tomorrow, I promise.

[personal] Flat in the middle with you

Working at home, I sometimes forget how exhausting an office can be. Everyone is being tremendously supportive, but there’s nowhere to lie down at lunch.

I’d planned to write tonight, but came home early, ate light from the Chinese restaurant down the street, and have been slowly handling email and administrative stuff ever since. I’m flat again. Which is to be expected, given the general stress of travel et cetera. I’m hoping I’m not bottomed out all week — I really need to get this novella finished, and I want all my energy for San Francisco.

As usual, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I am taking it very easy outside my firm obligations in order to compensate.

[personal] July 3rd at the beach

Worked the Day Jobbe, spent a bunch of time in the small room, went out for a Mexican lunch, wrote almost 1,000 words on “The Forests of the Night”, hit the beach twice, once for sunshine and once for fireworks.

A good enough day. I shan’t need to send it to the Returns Desk after all.

The inevitable photo: (more…)

[personal] A little more updatery

Beach is cold and foggy. So am I. It was a rather difficult night, and that’s enough said about that.

There appears to be some extremely cool Escapement Amazon ] news forthcoming. Once it comes forth in a confirmable fashion, I will share.

Working today, then hanging with the family and writing. Omaha has been having some spectacularly bad weather. Next week’s travel may be interesting. In the mean time, I shall do what I always do and enjoy myself right where I am.

[personal] Chilling at the beach

the_child and I left Portland amid 90 degree weather, arriving at the beach three hours later in 60 degree weather. My parents served us a fine homemade dinner, after which I collapsed on the couch.

Some Day Jobbe work tomorrow, then family time plus working on “Forests of the Night”, through Saturday. I was going to make a more ambitious blog post about the emotional penalties of cancer, but I’m too damned tired and the bandwidth is very narrow here.

Y’all play nice. I’ll be back around in the morning.

[personal] Updatery

Yesterday was tough, fatigue wise. Powered through a fairly stressful nine hours at the Day Jobbe, then pretty much collapsed. I tried to write, but it was one of my off days. So I did critique instead.

Fireside this afternoon, and I have a lot to do there. Iron Springs retreat this weekend.

Meanwhile, consider this an open question post. Ask me anything — writing, parenting, cancer, personal background, whatever. I’ll answer as I see fit, when time permits.

[personal|cancer] Sleeping with the enemy

After a fairly miserable weekend, sleep-wise, last night was probably my best night’s sleep since going off intensive post-operative medication. Ie, my best night of normal sleep since April. It was also the first night since April I’ve been able to sleep on my side in my more-or-less normal sleeping posture.

Coincidence? I think not.

I also have discovered that staying off fried foods, white flour, heavy starches, beef and excessive dairy considerably eases my affaires de colon. This is not the least bit surprising, but I’m in the position now where my appetite and cravings are in a serious mismatch with what my body will actually handle, thus requiring some active mental effort to manage this issue. I’m also eating considerably less food volume than my pre-op norms, so my weight has slid down a bit.

So after a day of careful eating yesterday and night of sleeping on my side, I feel ready to fight tigers. By damn, I can see normal from here.

[personal] A grand evening out

Went to dinner with garyomaha, elusivem, tillyjane and the_child at American Dream Pizza. I’m pretty wiped out, so probably shouldn’t have, but the boys are heading back to Nebraska Saturday and it was my last chance to see them.

I bragged, hard, on Jay Lake: Intelligently Redesigned. We’d read a couple of stories in the car on the way over, and just fallen out howling. I nearly ruptured myself laughing at djonn‘s story at the front of the book. I’m way too tired to do a proper job tonight of crediting the perpetrators and photographing the cover, but trust me, this will be a serious cult classic. A lot of people here want copies, but the press seems to be imaginary, at least judging by the 221B Baker Street address, so I’m going to have to petition my connections.

And don’t none of you perps think you’re getting away without signing this for me.

I am so lucky in my friends. Thank you all.

[links] Link salad, Thursday edition

Tomorrow Museum — An interesting site with in-depth posts about futurism, sf and culture, including a long essay on women in SF.

China as an Island — Another fascinating squib from Strange Maps. Especially worth the read if you are Sinophile, or interested in international trade and development.

Vending Machine Extravaganza — Japanese vending machines! Mmm, Pocari Sweat, anyone? (Thanks to danjite.)

Baffling crop circles equal pi — (Thanks to danjite.)

The Fall and Rise of Hillary Clinton — What Hillary won by losing the Democratic nomination. A fascinating, thoughtful article. My own angry frustration with her, which was only stoked by her speech the night of the final primaries, mitigated considerable with the much better speech she gave when she suspended her campaign.

Shariate law cited in US courts — It’s long been one of the more bizarre fixations of conservatives that secular liberals somehow pine for the imposition of Shariate Law in this country. Look who has petitioned for Shariate Law to apply in a lawsuit in a US court, brought by a US citizen against a US company. NOW? NEA? The Democratic Party? No… wait for it… Blackwater. The private military firm which is a darling of neocon foreign policy, which is invoking conservative Islamic theology in US courts. Hello, conservative America, check your monitors, you’ve flatlined again.

Fundie lunacy on paradeThe real world is the biblical world—a universe designed by God with the Earth at the spiritual focal point, not an evolutionary universe teeming with life. I see that someone has read Mainspring Powell’s | Amazon thb | Audible ]. One of the not-obvious-from-the-text details in the worldbuilding is that the entire Universe is only about a lightyear in diameter, the stars being variously colored lamps in the sky. (Eventually I’ll write some fiction about astronauts in that world.) Ken Ham would be right at home there.

John Scalzi hits the nail on the “California Marriage Protection Act.” — More conservative idiocy. When the GOP spends its time and energy on red-meat-to-the-base issues like this, it only deepens my conviction that the Republican party is completely controlled by narrow-minded bigots. There’s no rational public policy reason for this kind of ugly prejudice, nor is there a “reasonable people can disagree” moral position.

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