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[links] Link salad grumps awake

Redressing the translation imbalance — Aliette de Bodard reaches out to non-Anglophone writers. I love this.

Classic literature in Lego – in picturesFrom a bloody battle in George RR Martin to a sensual scene from Jane Austen, Waterstones has been recreating setpieces from great literature in toy bricks to coincide with the release of The LEGO Movie. Take a child’s eye view of classic books here.

Aardman Animals Talk Art — Plus a link to “Creature Comforts”!

Roentgen Objects, or: A Device Larger than the Room that Contains It

It Looks Like An Ordinary Piece Of Wood. But Trust Me, It’s Going To Blow Your Mind In A Minute.

When Doctors Need to Lie — Uh, no. This whole article is paternalistic overreach, disguised as compassion. As a patient with a terminal illness who’s endured years of setbacks and complications, no, I don’t want my doctor deciding when it’s okay to lie to me.

Mysterious polio-like illnesses reported in some California children — Uh oh. (Via David Goldman.)

A Brief History of the Typewriter — (Via [info]threeoutside.)

New ‘pomegranate-inspired’ design solves problems for lithium-ion batteries — (Via David Goldman.)

The Koreas at NightNight lights illustrate dramatically the relative economic activity of cities and countries.

Why You Can’t Keep a Secret — This is interesting and a bit strange.

11,000-Year-Old Settlement Found Under Baltic Sea

Oldest Rock Speck Zeros In On Earth’s Cooling DateThe oldest remaining grain of early Earth’s original solid rock crust has now been confirmed to be a 4.374-billion-year-old old zircon crystal from Jack Hills, Australia.

A Death Cult run by billionairesMy question to climate change deniers is this: what if you’re wrong? The only thing that will happen if the world addresses climate change will be a somewhat orderly change in the way we use energy, some economic reorganization and a whole lot of jobs and business being done to switch to different energy sources. The changes that are being proposed to mitigate climate change are far less cataclysmic than the changes that would be imposed by unaddressed climate change itself.

Climate change goes back to the Supreme Court

21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality

George Takei Blasts Arizona Bigots, Threatens Boycott In Epic Condemnation of Anti-Gay ‘Jim Crow’ Laws

Arizona Goddam — Jim Wright asks what Jesus would do in Arizona. I suppose it depends on whether you’re asking about smug Republican Jesus, or the man actually depicted in the New Testament as the Son of God. Those are two very different people.

The ‘Christian’ movement that tells husbands to SPANK their wives ‘to correct misbehavior’ — BDSM for Christ?

This is a Powerful Way to Combat a Christian Speaker at Your University — Hah! (Via [info]danjite.)

How I lost the religion of my childhood My parents raised me as Christian missionaries. When I finally opened my eyes, I made a stunning realization. A wonderful piece about faith and childhood. The headline notwithstanding, this is not an anti-religious article, but rather an interesting meditation on having grown up as a missionary kid. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

One Of The Best Comebacks I’ve Ever Heard Was Made In A Single Word — Hah!

The 50 states, redrawn with equal population

Our Sinister Dual State

Anatomy of the Deep State — (Via [info]danjite.)

?otD: Got sleep?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo brain)
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid)
Body movement: 30 minutes
Weight: 233.4
Number of FEMA troops on my block unjustly vilifying Ted Nugent: 0
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[photos|travel] Dahomey, 1968

When I was a small child, we lived in the former French West African colony of Dahomey. (The country is now known as Benin.) My earliest memories in life are from those days. Apropos of various recent conversations within the family, Dad has sent me a few photos from those days. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a slice of life for Americans living in Africa in 1968.

AF-147 Dahomey Fording the Stream 1968
The family car on a Dahomean road

AF-148 Dahomey Bridge built while waiting1968
This bridge which had been under repair was rebuilt for us while we waited

68 VW Repair  Pendjari River Upper Volta-Dahomey - Boukina Faso Benin border Near Niger River A1-062
68 VW Repair at Pendjari River Upper Volta-Dahomey (now Boukina Faso-Benin) border near Niger River

68 1 Dahomey Guest House Far North A1 60-001
Guest house in the far north of the country

Photos © 1968, 2013 Joseph E. Lake, Sr. Reproduced with permission, all rights reserved.

[photos|family] My Granddaddy Lake

Dr. Lloyd Euel Lake, Sr., was my paternal grandfather. He was a strange, complex man, who by turns in his life was a dentist, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, a land developer, an emergency responder, a retail store owner, an armed strike breaker, and an ordained minister in the Disciples of Christ. And those are just the careers I know about at this remove. He fell seriously ill around 1973, when I was nine, and died in 1977, when I was eleven. My family says he regarded me, his first grandchild, with a fierce joy unsurpassed. I once described him as holding me with a fierce, iron love one degree removed from cruelty.

These pictures turned up yesterday in an email exchange between myself, my sister and my dad. They tell you a lot about the role of nature versus nurture in forming who I have become in this life.

My Granddaddy Lake at Rainbow Safari Ostrich Farm Volstruisplaas Oudtshoorn in March of 1969 — I don’t think I ever saw him so exuberantly happy in my young life

Grandmother and Granddaddy on a bullock cart, probably in Rhodesia in 1969

Granddaddy and Grandmother on camels, time and place unknown

Photos © unknown, ca. 1969. Scanned and curated by M. Lake.

[links] Link salad can kill you with its mind

Two Writers In Dialogue: A Conservative Evangelical And Gay Liberal Can Be Friends? Part 1

Two Writers In Dialogue: A Conservative Evangelical And Gay Liberal Can Be Friends? Part 2

Four years into the ebook revolution: things we know and things we don’t know

That’s it, I’m done with the internet for today. I think I’ll go outside. — Hilariously random YouTube video, not utterly worksafe or brainsafe for several reasons. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

2,000-Year-Old Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online

Invisible Ink Made Out of Engineered Bacteria

Fire in the Sky and on the Ground — The aurora australis, photographed from the ISS, and some Australian wildfires.

One third Of Sun-Like Stars Have Earth-Like Planets In Habitable Zone — Special creation my ass.

The Fraying of a Nation’s Decency — The things the article is talking about are fundamental outcomes of the application of conservative principles.

The bogus `third party’ dodge

Obama Rips Perry, GOP Debate Audience: Not Who We Are — You’re damned skippy that’s not who we are. “Let him die” isn’t an American sentiment. It never should be.

Correcting the Abysmal ‘New York Times’ Coverage of Occupy Wall StreetMore on this from Dangerous Minds. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Palin ‘on the Verge’ of Decision About Presidential Run — The circus is thinking about whether to come to town. That’s just what the GOP field needs — the kind of gravitas Palin can bring.

Romney and the “Apology Tour” — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on Romney, foreign policy, and another of the stream of knowing, self-serving lies put forth by the GOP to rile their base.

?otD: Do you always cut your apples?

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Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 223.6
Currently reading: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee

[links] Link salad curses your sudden but inevitable betrayal

Reading in Public: Advice from the Pros — Alex Bledsoe collects some commentary in mini-interviews.

A baby sea-serpent no more: reinterpreting Hagelund’s juvenile Cadborosaurus — Some biology and cryptozoology neepery for you.

Space station dweller shares orbital views

Saudi women to be given right to vote and stand for election in four years — It would be very easy for me to be sarcastic about this in comparison to the deeply retrograde ambitions of the American Taliban within the GOP, but honestly, this is something to celebrate. Juan Cole comments further on this.

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Gay Rights — A handy and interesting chart. No real surprises.

Our budget problem in two charts (and one issue) — (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Fla. GOP sweats over Social Security — Is it possible that for once the GOP’s nutball rhetoric might actually have consequences? Normally they have a permanent “get out of jail free” card from Your Liberal Media and the voters at large for their bizarre crap.

DNC Chair: All GOP candidates are “the same”“It doesn’t much matter which one of the Republicans gets nominated because they’re all the same,” the Florida Democrat said. “They are all embracing and bear-hugging the Tea Party. Moving to the right – they can’t move to the right far enough.”

Birther Civil War Breaks Out Over Marco Rubio — Extremist idiocy breeds extremist idiots.

Obama says Republicans would ‘cripple’ America — Well, yeah. Look what they did to the country the last time they were in power. Why anybody who cares a whit about our future as a country would vote Republican is beyond me, on the simple face of the recent historical evidence.

?otD: Feeling the serenity?

Writing time yesterday: 5.0 hours (novel outlining and short story revision, WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.25 hours (solid)
Weight: 222.2
Currently reading: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee

[links] Link salad reads the wires

Roger Ebert on Writing: 15 Reflections From ‘Life Itself’

The science behind pleasure-seeking

Small Factories Take Root in Africa

Washington state gunman shot dead after firing near school field — Nope. No connections between guns and violence. I’m sure it says that in the Second Amendment somewhere. This poor fellow was just defending his essential civil liberties from the menace of middle school children. Move along, citizen, nothing to see here but liberal propaganda.

Are Both Political Parties Science Skeptics?Sociological Images addresses this false equivalency. Topics such as evolution and climate change are subject to overwhelming scientific consensus. These aren’t “reasonable people can disagree” topics like tax rates or foreign policy. These are “the wilfully ignorant being exploited for political gain” topics.

Santorum asks Google to clean up search results for his name — Good luck with that, Senator Frothy Mixture of Lube and Feces Resulting From Anal Sex. This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. Well, okay, I can think of a few.

Texas GOP Rep On Cuts To Family Planning: ‘Of Course This Is A War On Birth Control’ — This should be a surprise to no one, of course. Are you proud of your Republican party?

Mitt Romney wins Michigan straw poll, Rick Perry a distant second — I really don’t have a dog in the Republican primary fight. I think they’re basically all nuts except maybe Huntsman, who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance. Romney, however, is marginally less nuts than the rest of that pack of baying fools. And I’m not one of those liberal-progressives cheering for the greatest nut to win the GOP nod so we can defeat them more easily. Fundamentally, that’s how we got George W. Bush, who came into office in an era of (relative) peace and (significant) prosperity, and a balanced budget, and brought us the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, the worst erosion of civil liberties since McCarthyism, a trillion dollar war of choice launched on false premises, and the deepest deficit in American history. (All of which is retroactively Obama’s fault according to the Tea Party, of course.) Not to mention the national embarassment of having an incurious fool for a leader for eight long, miserable years.

Rick Perry: The HP of Presidential Candidates — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison with more on Perry and especially (despite the headline) on Romney.

?otD: The New York Times or the Daily News?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (novel outlining and short story revision, and WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.0 hours (solid)
Weight: 222.2
Currently reading: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee