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[links] Link salad makes a high, lonesome sound

New Nebula Award rules — In case you missed them.

Possibly the world’s most awesome calendar — :: wants :: (Snurched from .)

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard — But where’s the clickie? (Thanks to .)

It’s the anniversary of the great molasses flood — Which sounds a lot funnier than it really was.

Our world may be a giant hologram — This would explain a lot. And, um, wow.

The ‘Why’ of Interstellar Flight — More interesting stuff from Centauri Dreams.

W.’s Twilight: A Man of Feeble Temper — Juan Cole takes his snark out for a long walk. Mine yips along happily. We really do get the leadership we deserve, I suppose. Which makes Bush’s ascendancy a very sad comment indeed on the state of the Republic.

Forgive and Forget? — Paul Krugman on the need for accountability of Bush administration abuses. At the Justice Department, for example, political appointees illegally reserved nonpolitical positions for “right-thinking Americans” — their term, not mine — and there’s strong evidence that officials used their positions both to undermine the protection of minority voting rights and to persecute Democratic politicians. Are you proud of your Republican party?

And speaking of abuses, Slate on Susan Crawford’s admission that the Bush administration uses torture — The Bushies failed in this, too, even on their own terms.

?otD: Do you feel like the king of the hill?

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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

A limited time electronic release of my Alembical [ Paper Golem | Amazon ]novella, “America, Such as She Is” [ | LiveJournal ]

Post-Weird Thoughts likes a couple of my stories — Hmm. Maybe I should have put “The God-Clown Is Near” on my awards rec list.

The Art of the Short Story is wise.

The Recently Deflowered Girl — Um, wow. More or less work-safe. (Thanks to .)

Freakonomics on the public library renaissance — Specifically as a response to the decline of media sales in books, movies, etc.

45 Vintage ‘Space Age’ Illustrations — Mmm. Tasty. (Snurched from Drawn!.)

Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America — An animated map of Walmart’s expansion. Interesting presentation. (Thanks to and several others.)

Climate and the Spotless Sun — More on climate change, this time in connection to the sunspot cycle. (Thanks to .)

Black holes ‘preceded galaxies’ — Some interesting astronomy here. (Thanks to my brother.)

One World, Many Minds: Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom — The brains of, well, everything. (Thanks to .)

?otD: Is vermiculite really made of worms?

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[awards] Even more shameless pimpage

As a followup to my recent awards pimpage post [ | LiveJournal ], (a/k/a Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, publisher of Paper Golem Press) has empowered me to distribute for a limited time a free .pdf of the novella, “America, Such as She Is” to likely Hugo, Nebula or World Fantasy Award voters interested in considering the story during the nominating process. Since this is otherwise not available electronically, he is being quite generous.

Please leave a comment here or email at with your contact information if you’d like me to send you a copy.

[awards] 2008 Pimpage

It’s time for the annual award pimpage post. (Well, the Nebulas work differently, but you know what I mean.) Here’s my list of my own favorites of my eligible work from 2008, for your consideration as you contemplate nominations for Hugos, Nebulas and World Fantasy Awards.


Escapement, Tor Books, June, 2008, ed. Beth Meacham


“America, Such as She Is”, Alembical, November, 2008, Paper Golem Press, ed. Lawrence M. Schoen and Arthur Dorrance

Short Story

The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and into the Black“, Clarkesworld, March, 2008

A Water Matter“,, October, 2008

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

METAtropolis,, October, 2008, ed. John Scalzi (audio book [iTunes], written by Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, John Scalzi and Karl Schroeder; read by Scott Brick, Michael Hogan, Alessandro Juliani, Kandyse McClure and Stefan Rudnicki)

Best Fan Writer

If you are interested in nominating me and my blog for this category, feel free. I don’t consider myself a Fan Writer in that sense, but I don’t feel a need to bow out of the category either.

ETA: Post edited to cope with a Hugo eligibility issue. Also, inexplicably, the first version of this post listed Mainspring when it should have read Escapement. My thanks to for the catch.

[links] Link salad for a travel day

Don’t forget the voting poll for the Post-Novel Ennui Contest [ | LiveJournal ], here. Vote early, vote often, influence your friends!

The Campbell Award Pin fundraiser is now underway. [ | LiveJournal ]

Fail Blog with a punctuation win — For all you GSP types.

The Guru’s Handbook on teachers and moral codes — Interesting stuff. (The term “teacher” here is used in a fairly broad sense, not specifically formal education.)

The Other — And, snurched from The Guru’s Handbook link above, a fascinating post on the Other. Worth reading from both a sociocultural perspective and a character creation perspective.

Reducing the Risk of Human Extinction — Just in case you were wondering. (Thanks to danjite.)

Ten-Minute Blood Test — A cheap chip rapidly identifies cancer proteins in a drop of blood.

More clockwork bugs — Mmmm. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

NASA Restores Historic Lunar Orbiter Image — Some weird, cool, retrotech stuff going on here. (Hat tip to

The Next RNC Chair: Captain Of The GOP Titanic? — Despite the amusingly snarky headline, an interesting from-outside-the-GOP-box analysis of what happens next for the Republican party.

Question of the day: What, precisely, did Billie Joe McAllister throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

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[cool] Miyazaki Figurines from Ursula K. LeGuin in the Endeavor auction

The Endeavor Award is a Pacific Northwest regional literary award of which I have long been an enthusiastic supporter. Urusula K. LeGuin has donated two figurines given to her by Hayao Miyazaki as fund-raisers for the award. The figurines are of a Gardener from Miyazaki’s film Island in the Sky and the Castle from Howl’s Moving Castle. They will be auctioned on eBay beginning Friday, November 21. Details here.

Man, I wish I was tooled enough in the wallet to bid on these myself.

[writing] Officially Launching the Campbell Fundraiser

It’s the holiday season, and I’m trying to pay for a big present to give to the science fiction world. With the the kind and supportive sponsorship of OSFCI and Springtime Creations, and extremely generous support from davidelevine and frankwu, I am announcing the fundraiser to pay for the Campbell Nominee award pins.

This came about because, as Cheryl Morgan says here, “…nominees for the Hugo Awards, World Fantasy Awards and Nebula Awards have long been given lapel pins to recognize their nominations. No such pin [has] existed for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.” A year or so ago I decided that creating such a pin would be a terrific way to raise the profile of the Campbell Award, generate additional interest, and celebrate all the past, present and future nominees.

The goal at the time was to develop a design which could be crafted in sufficient numbers that every nominee in the history of the Campbell Award could receive a pin (or pins) to celebrate their achievement. Through 2007 and early 2008, Spring Schoenhuth of Springtime Creations worked to develop a design which would symbolize the historical importance of John W. Campbell himself, the meaning of the award within the field, while also recognizing the five nominees each year.

Spring and I settled on a design of five fountain pen nibs in the form of a star.

Campell Award Pin
The pin — Design © 2008 Springtime Creations, photo © 2008 Dave Gallaher
Edited 2008-11-16 to include photo of the production pin

This was to provide a similar visual read with the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award pins without creating any likely confusion with the other designs and related service marks. WSFS was very kind to review the design to avoid future confusion with the Hugo, while Dr. Stanley Schmidt of Analog, the award sponsor, was also generous in offering his approval.

All of this was ramping up to a fundraiser during the late spring to provide the needed $7,000 budget to mold, cast and finish the 400 pins needed for the past nominees and approximately 10 years of future demand.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer, and thoroughly derailed from this effort. Springtime Creations generously proceeded with design and preliminary production so we could deliver the first batch of pins at Denvention, but there is now a substantial financial commitment to meet. Uncharacteristically for me, due to illness I allowed the cart to get very much before the horse here. About $5,500 has yet to be raised to defray the production expenses and allow a mailing budget to deliver the balance of the pins.

I am officially launching the Campbell Fundraiser. This is being sponsored by OSFCI, which is a 501(c)(3) organization, and will provide full tax-qualified documentation of the donation. We’d like to raise the needed $5,500. Any excess to budget will be held against unexpected expenses, then eventually released to the Clayton Memorial Medical fund after the books have been closed on this project.

Please let me know in comments here or via email if you’d like to contribute. I’ll provide donation information (including check “pay to” or other needed funds transfer detail). In additional, everyone who donates will be eligible for an end-of-fund-raiser prize drawing including a selection of my books. If you’re interested in donating to the drawing, that would be fabulous as well.

This Campbell Award pin project is part of my ongoing effort to raise the profile of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and help celebrate the newest professionals in our field year after year. I hope you can join me in it.

ETA: PayPal is now available. Contact me at jlake(a) for the payment address.

[links] Link salad for a Laramie Tuesday

SF Signal reviews Seeds of Change

slushmaster notes that the art for “Roger Lambelin”, published in Realms of Fantasy, is up for a Chesley — That’s a story by and me.

Dr. Roundbottom is at it again — “Interview with a steam rat” at (Thanks to lt260.)

Travel guides to remember — Weird old travel guides. (Thanks to danjite.)

Endangered primates found in Africa — A new population of western lowland gorillas has been found in the Congo.

World’s smallest snake discovered — Think of the places that little dude could slither in to. (Thanks to lt260.)

Radio-Vitant — Some 1920s medical weirdness from Shorpy.

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[travel] Trying to hit the road

I’m planning to run up to Seattle this afternoon, courtesy of lillypond and lasirenadolce. I’m not sure I’ll have the oomph for the Bill Gibson events tonight, based on energy levels of the past few days, but we will be at the Locus Awards tomorrow.

Also, because I keep failing to mention this, I’ll be reading at SF in SF on Saturday, July 12th. Look for me to be in the Bay Area from the 11th to the 13th of next month.

[links] Link salad for a Wednesday

I am a nominee for the Campbell Memorial Award for Mainspring Powell’s | Amazon thb | Audible ] — That’s a pleasant surprise, and I’m in very good company. I am terribly thrilled.

SF Signal reviews Escapement Amazon ] — So did June’s print issue of Locus, but they were not so much with the liking.

SF Signal with a mind meld on the next generation of SF writers — A lot of familiar (to this community) names there. I do think should have gotten more mention. See also the poll here.

Grants Pass finds a publisher — A collaborative project of which I am (or will be) a part.

APOD with a stunning photo of Dextre the robot — Wouldn’t Sinistre have been a much better name?

Determinism about the future — In which I learn about a new-to-me verb form known as “the futurate”.

BBC TV detector vans — Really?

Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution — I’m baffled by the lack of Democratic support for this. It’s not like Bush’s overwhelming popularity is an impediment. Much of what’s at issue is already in the public record — unlike our last impeachment, this president has indisputably committed both high crimes and misdemeanors. And apparently (not yet sourced) a president undergoing impeachment proceedings cannot issue pardons. Which would be a very good thing with the end of this disastrous and criminal administration looming. I can only assume the Democrats are afraid of being accused of political theatre in conducting groundless “tit for tat” impeachment proceedings. The evidence should speak for itself.

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[links] Link salad for a Tuesday

John Klima reminds us that it is World Fantasy Award nominating season — My recommendations of my own work are here if you’re interested in nominating me, though “C-Rock City” and “The Man With One Bright Eye” are purely SFnal and probably don’t make sense in the context of the WFA.

Aeon issue 14 is live — With my short story “Sweet Rocket.”

Top writers feel heat from publishers’ presses — “Many top-selling writers, such as John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark, have turned out at least one book annually for years. Now some writers are beginning to grumble about the pressure, and some are refusing to comply.” Um. Um. Right. Also, note the comment about Scarpetta’s publishing scheduled. According to the Globe she has a manuscript due “soon” with an October 7 laydown date. WTF?

Star Wars ABC — (Thanks to lillypond.)

Locusts Swarm to Save Their Butts — “The researchers reduced the ability of individual locusts to detect the approach of other locusts from behind. This was done by severing the main nerve in the abdomen of one group of juvenile locusts so they could not feel anything from behind and in a separate group reducing the insects’ rear vision using black paint.”

Hauliers’ strike causes traffic jams and fuel shortages in Spain — “Hauliers”? The meaning is clear enough, but I cannot recall ever having seen that word before in my life. Is /ier/ freely substitutable for /er/? Teachier? Strippier? Monstier?

Shorpy with a 1917 photo of the landlocked destroyer USS Recruit

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