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[links] Link salad rings in the New Year

Jay Lake, “Escapement” (2009) — A Romanian review of Escapement, not so much with the enthusiasm.

Jay Lake Feed — At Dreamwidth, should you wish to follow me there. My thanks to [info]wild_irises for creating this.

My entire genome has gone open source — In case you missed it yesterday.

I Had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results — Fascinating, and not terribly surprising. (Via Dad.)

Hamlet (Generic): A Map of Nowhere through Danish Eyes

In the Human Brain, Size Really Isn’t Everything — This is pretty damned cool. (Via Dad.)

Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the InternetHow one of the most notorious alleged hustlers in the history of e-commerce made a fortune on the Web (Via David Goldman.)

New Utah AG: Cost to defend same-sex marriage ban worthwhile — For conservatives, no expense is too high in defense of bigotry and religious privilege.

The ugly collusion between ‘religious faith’ and bigotry[T]hose who are so damn eager to speak against the so-called sin of homosexuality would be best to remember the sin of lying, speaking ill of one’s brother, or bearing false witness. It is painfully self-evident that the commandment against bearing false witness is no longer important to most American Christianist leaders and politicians. Smug Republican Jesus gave them an exemption from Biblical inerrancy on that point, apparently. (Via Slacktivisit Fred Clark.)

Crude oil tanker derailment explosion town dodged bullet, Casselton, North Dakota mayor saysHe said it is time to “have a conversation” with federal lawmakers about the dangers of transporting oil by rail. Hmm. A small town mayor in North Dakota in favor of more Federal regulation? Really? Who knew liberal-progressives had such a hold there. No good heartland conservative could possibly be calling for increased regulation, after all.

On Christmas, Republicans Quietly Declare War on ThemselvesIf you spend years letting your voters think Saddam Hussein was an agent of al-Qaeda, that passing a national health care program will result in the formation of Stalinist “death panels,” or that Barack Obama is secretly a foreigner, you’re going to end up with some loopy candidates prone to saying crazy things that will turn off voting majorities, which in turn will make it hard to the deliver policy objectives you actually care about for your big-money donors.

Amazing details from the drunken Moscow bender that got an Air Force general fired — This is why good conservatives support our troops no matter what. So loyal, patriotic Americans like General Carey aren’t vulnerable to purges conducted by the Kenyan Muslim socialist usurper currently occupying the White House.

The Myth Of Western Civilization — Ta-Nehisi Coates is angry in some magnificent ways.

?otD: Did you party last night?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo brain)
Hours slept: 8.25 hours (solid)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Weight: n/a (traveling, no scale)
Number of FEMA troops on my block faking evidence for evolution: 0
Currently reading: n/a (chemo brain)

[personal|tech] More on why I am done with LiveJournal

Yesterday, I got the world’s most useless LiveJournal error message.

2013-12-29 LiveJournal Error Message

I explained my views on it here.

[info]agent_mimi dug up a pretty convincing explanation, which they posted in comments, including links here and here

In response to another user’s complaint about this issue, LiveJournal’s Community Care team says:

The error you received was the correct error message for when this problem occurs. I am sorry it is not more descriptive, but that is by design in this particular case: we prefer legitimate users write in to us to receive information about the specific blocked site, rather than informing potential spammers exactly what the problem is (which also informs them how to get around it).

In other words, LiveJournal is now maintaining a secret spam blocking list, which forces a generic error message on any post that includes a link from a site on their secret list. A list which you can neither precheck nor get an informative error message on.

That means that when I post Link Salad, with a dozen, a score or more links in it, if one of them is on LiveJournal’s secret list, my only choices are to open a support ticket and eventually find out which link it is I cannot post, or go through deleting links one by one until I empirically discover the blocked link.

Meanwhile, as I learned yesterday, trying to repeatedly edit a post with a blocked link causes LiveJournal to go into some kind of time out mode, which makes the empirical method bloody useless.

Given that a quarter to a third of all my posts are link aggregations, this is an impossible problem for me. So, yeah, I’m done with LiveJournal. I have opened a support ticket to see if they have a different view of the problem since it was reported at the link above, but I’m not optimistic.

Still working on how, if there is any way possible, to find either a stable WP-LJ cross poster (every one I have ever used in the past has failed within 60 days due to LJ’s frequent unannounced and undocumented changes to APIs and server configurations) or a way to get my WordPress RSS feed into my [info]jaylake journal. But yeah, I don’t have time for this. Note there is an existing RSS feed under another handle, [info]feedjaylake, if this is useful to you.

[personal|writing] Social media strategies

Several folks have been commenting lately in the blogosphere on being fictional. I read the posts, nodded, and went on. I’ve had an online presence in some form or another for over fifteen years now. I’m very accustomed to the delta between my persona as projected in that environment and the full personhood of me.

Of course, when I first hung out my web shingle, I was a private person. It was some years before my first sale as a writer. The number of people who cared about what I had to say online or in public was limited to close friends and immediate family. And not even many of them.

That meant I could have essentially a one-to-one relationship with everyone I knew online.

Today, this post will potentially reach about 10,000 people through four media channels I address directly, and even more indirectly. Some reasonable percentage of those will actually click through and read it. Between WordPress, LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook, I would have to keep up with those roughly 10,000 people in order to maintain the same reciprocity I routinely managed back in 1995 or so.

To be a bit more specific about this, someone was grumpy at me in Facebook recently for not paying attention to the posts of my Facebook friends, implying that this was unfair of me. Given that as of this draft I have 2,567 Facebook friends, I would never do anything else if I paid that kind of attention. Likewise my 6,156 Twitter followers. If I auto-followed, I would never do anything else. Same for my 1,000+ LiveJournal friends and all the people who pick up the RSS feed off my WordPress blog. It’s sort of like how I used to try to read the stories and novels all my friends got published. Now that’s just about a mathematical impossibility for me, assuming I wish to eat, sleep or ever leave my chair for any other purpose.

The entire calculus of how I relate through my online presence and social media has changed radically over the years. Largely without me even noticing it. I simply rode along with the shifting tide. Now I am in a situation that creates a sense of interchange, or even social intimacy, with me for thousands of people, a great many of whom I do not know and likely never will.

I answer direct questions in any of my online spaces, respond to otherwise interesting comments, dip into the pool of ‘friends’ in each of those areas. But lacking the time, how do I respect the personal connection that so many people feel? In my case, by paying what attention I can, responding when appropriate, and being respectful. I got no other answer.

What do you think the obligations of a public person should be in the social media?

[personal] Anonymity in comments

A somewhat snarky comment here on my post about frequent flier status.

I don’t object in the least to snarky comments, I don’t object in the least to critical comments, but I do have a mild objection to unsigned snark or criticism. By which I don’t mean everybody should have an LJ handle or blog ID, but posting such comments anonymously is a lot like sniping from cover.

Also, the commenter’s logic is rather flawed. I really don’t buy that spending a year being treated for cancer is functionally or socially equivalent to choosing to spend a year caring for a child. For one thing, there’s that whole voluntary/involuntary thing.

[links] Link salad mellows out in the City by the Bay

I am interviewed by Michael Ventrella

on why we blog

documents, among other things, my remarkable forebearance at Imaginary WFC 2009

Greenland’s ice sheet lost 1500 gigatons of mass from 2000 to 2008 — Another liberal traitor in the global warming conspiracy.

NASA finds reservoir of water ice on the Moon! — In case you missed this. Big news!

Sunrise over DIA — A nice image from APOD.

?otD: How much up would an woodchuck upchuck if a woodchuck could chuck upchuck up?

Body movement: 60 minute urban walk (San Francisco hills!)
Hours slept: 7.5
This morning’s weigh-in: n/a (forgot)
Currently reading: Finch by Jeff VanderMeer