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[travel] Another day by the bay

Another day in San Francisco. Having breakfast later with , then popping over to Borderlands Books briefly at midday to talk logistics for both tonight and tomorrow. I expect I’ll be going over Madness of Flowers galleys this afternoon. Then this evening, I’ll be reading at Writers With Drinks. That would be at The Make-Out Room, 3225 22nd. St., San Francisco.

And of course, tomorrow I’m doing Writer in the Window at Borderlands Books.

See some, all, or none of you around today.

[photos] Walking after midnight

Went walking a bit after 4 am here in San Francisco. Took myself up Twin Peaks and back down the other side. Them’s as some hill work.

While up on the top, a very thin layer of cloud veiled the sky just a few hundred feet above me. The moonlight punched through it just fine, but the big television tower up there was bisected. As a result, the top of the tower was casting moonlight shadows down into the sky. Very weird, even vertiginous. I tried a shot with the iPhone, which shows a bit of what I saw:

TV tower on Twin Peaks in SF casting shadows in the sky

Eerie beauty in the dark of the morning. The view up there is hella good in pretty much all directions, but that was an especially odd and intriguing sight.

[travel] San Francisco redux, with less rushed-ness

So, I really am in San Francisco. Had a very nice dinner with at Eos. Lots of topics of conversation, but mostly focused on bookery (hers mostly, and mine) and gossiping about .

Some miscellaneous stuff in the morning, then , and I are off to Borderlands, followed by a pilgrimage to Locus towers over in darkest Oakland. By the time that all sorts out, our day will pretty much be done, though I suppose some mid-evening partying in the Cole Valley district (where we’re staying) is possible.

Saturday is more running about, of a likely more touristic nature, the main event being Writers With Drinks that night. Sunday they’re off back to Oregon, but I’ll be doing Writer in the Window at Borderlands Books from 1 to 4 pm.

See some, all or none of you around the joint.

Also, podcasts were recorded on the road trip, but the Editorial Board wishes to review them carefully for family-friendly content and unfortunate outbreaks of foot-in-mouth disease prior to releasing them into the wild.

[travel] Stakes almost pulled up

About to head southward with . We’re going to make the trip in the KenMobile instead of the Genre car. Should be in San Francisco around 2 or 3 tomorrow. Expect intermittent light blogging with scattered halfwittery and miserudition. See some, all or none of you over the weekend there. (And then I’m off to Omaha first thing Monday.)

Y’all play nice.

[travel] Tapioca Jesus hits the road

As reminds us, he and I are hitting the road this afternoon for San Francisco. Lots of stuff planned (and unplanned) for the car trip, but we do intend to record some podcasts. As he says:

So what would YOU like to hear from us? Any burning topics you’d like Jay and I to discuss with the sound of the highway in our ears? Any questions you think might be fun for both of us to tackle? Road trip tunes that you think will enhance our highway experience? Great places to stop for soup and pie just to the left or right of I-5?

Leave your requests, comments and recommendations here or on Ken’s blog, and we’ll see what the p-j’s can come up with this afternoon and tomorrow.

NB: Ken and I figured out years ago that if we ever formed a musical act or comedy troupe, we’d call ourselves “Tapioca Jesus.” No, you don’t want to know why.

[writing] Updatery

A little this, a little that.

The aforementioned galleys will be waiting for me when I get back to Portland. One set for the Escapement mmpb, one set for the Green thb. Tor has been very kind about the deadlines, since I won’t have the galleys in hand according to the original schedule. (I wander about the country too much, apparently.)

In other news, another Sekrit Projekt has landed on my desk just now, which oddly intertwines with Sunspin by utter, fortuitous chance. Watch this space for more details, but not, erm, right away.

Between the above matters, I’m going to be a very busy boy into early December. Then I’m off to San Francisco with kenscholes to wreak mayhem at Writers With Drinks (along with Cat Rambo and a cast of several), as well as at Borderlands Book.

Put in more time on Sunspin tonight, as well. For the heck of it, here’s a bit of WIP from the synopsis. (And yes, I’m apparently getting very meta.) This is a synopsis, so don’t read this as even draft of finished text.