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[travel] “They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies”

Up too late already, given my 3:30 am (Central) wakeup call. At least I’ve been horizontal for a while.

After too short a night’s sleep, I’m off for San Francisco tomorrow. (I’ll crash more on the plane.) Doing nothing but light socializing and resting when I get there, before Saturday’s three-ring circus of a day. First ring: the 10 am GeekSpeak interview. [ | LiveJournal ] Second ring: the 3 pm Borderlands reading and signing. Third ring: the 7 pm appearance with Susan Palwick at SF in SF.

I wasn’t able to finagle a ride to Santa Cruz in the morning, so I’ll be doing a lot of driving that day. I imagine I’ll survive, but I’ll be useless Sunday, so I don’t expect to get back to fiction until at least Monday after I’ve been home. It will be a lot of fun, though.

[travel] Trying to hit the road

I’m planning to run up to Seattle this afternoon, courtesy of lillypond and lasirenadolce. I’m not sure I’ll have the oomph for the Bill Gibson events tonight, based on energy levels of the past few days, but we will be at the Locus Awards tomorrow.

Also, because I keep failing to mention this, I’ll be reading at SF in SF on Saturday, July 12th. Look for me to be in the Bay Area from the 11th to the 13th of next month.