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[process] Post-novel ennui, contest anent same

By rights, I should come down with a raging case of post-novel ennui in the next few days. Election Day will certainly keep me distracted today. There’s always things popping in my personal life, of course. But I’ll be curious to see if this more controlled drafting process in Tourbillon will affect the course of post-novel ennui.

In a related note, I hereby announce a contest! Leave a comment here about the way I should best combat post-novel ennui. Feel free to be highly creative.

As usual, after a few days I’ll post a voting poll. Winner as determined by a jury of their peers shall receive an inscribed ARC of Green, as soon as I have them to ship out. Usual rules and arbitrary errors by the moderator apply.

[contests] Tourbillon Tuckerization poll results

We have a winner in the Tourbillon Tuckerization poll!

With 25% of all votes cast (35), kproche wins with:

“Because you know just how *good* I’d look in that uniform. Plus, I make really good Giant Toast.”

Runner up will also receive special recognition, with 15.7% of all votes cast (22), mcurry:

“I should be a character in Tourbillon because then the fact that I am also a character in Green would provide endless hours of confusion as readers tried to figure out how the two worlds were connected.”

Thanks everyone for playing! Congratulations to all concerned.

[links] Link salad for a Saturday

Don’t forget the Tourbillon Tuckerization poll.

A short history of modern finance — A complex topic approached with a fair amount of clarity. (Thanks to lt260.)

Worm Grunting: A Mystery Solved — I didn’t even know it was a mystery. Weird science and weird culture, mixed together. And who thought of this in the first place, anyway?

Report says Arctic temperatures at record highs — Apparently even the weather has joined the liberal conspiracy on climate change. Rush Limbaugh to Ice Station Zebra, stat! (Thanks to lt260.)

Palling around with terrorists — McCain and G. Gordon Liddy. Guess it’s just not the same kind of treason if your terrorist-of-choice is a conservative. More on the nearly absolute lack of coverage of this story from Your Liberal Media.

Reporter assaulted at Palin rally — Fire up the wingnut base, they get fired up. GOP: you own all of this.

Ignoring its own reporting, NY Times omitted key facts on ACORN voter registration allegations — Your Liberal Media, propping up the conservative narrative again even though the facts are biased against the GOP.

Palin discovers pro-America parts of the United States — “We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation.” Which would make the rest of us…anti-America? I’m pretty sure her husband was a long-time member of one of the few anti-American political parties in this country.

An oldie but a goodie from a conservative stalwart — “It doesn’t say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state.” (Sean Hannity) And here I thought conservatives were strict constructionists.

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike (2 hours of light hiking later)
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 231.8
Currently reading: The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two by Anu Garg

[links] Link salad for a travel day

Don’t forget the Tourbillon tuckerization contest. [ | LiveJournal ]

The new film Repo – the Genetic Opera will be webcasting the score all day Monday — Tune in and check it out. (Thanks to jaborwhalky.)

Does it matter if black plus white equals black or multiracial? — The story is not as stupid as the headline. (Thanks to lt260.)

Transparency In Politics Can Lead To Greater Corruption — Huh. (Thanks to lt260.)

Arguments against same sex marriage — Fascinating arguments against same sex marriage, presented as a thought experiment by a proponent. I continue to aver there is no position against same sex marriage which isn’t rooted either in prejudice or religious dicta (or both, in many cases) — no one has yet shown me a social policy argument which stands without an underlying claim on the first type of argument. Opposition to same sex marriage is exactly parallel to opposition to interracial marriage, and just as socially reprehensible. (Link snurched from comments on a locked post on my flist.)

A Tiny Revolution on trust in the governmentOne consequence of the current economic implosion is the U.S. upper middle class is finally beginning to understand that everyone in positions of authority has been lying to them. Another fascinating sociopolitical squib which happens to align nicely with my perspective.

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama — The GOP’s big source for oppo about Obama is someone who was once refused admission to the Illinois bar based on a psychiatric finding of “moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.” When the facts are biased against you, you campaign with the lunatics you have.

Obama-Biden, McCain-Palin: Scandals by the Numbers — Remember kids, character counts! (Thanks to chriswjohnson.)

Body movement: airport walking
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 230.2
Currently reading: The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two by Anu Garg

[contest] Why should you be a character in Tourbillon?

I have decided to name a slightly dim-witted British Army lieutenant in Goa after one of my blog readers. Here in comments, leave a brief explanation of why you should be immortalized in Tourbillon. Around Tuesday I’ll make a poll out of the answers, and we’ll vote in the winner of this fabulous Tuckerization.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your comment engines.