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“It was as if a light had been Nookd…”The Nook edition of Tolstoy’s War and Peace (in its English translation) has been de-Kindled, quite literally. Every instance of the text string kindle has been replaced by Nook. Hahahah. Ah, ebooks.

You and I are handcuffed together. Using ONLY 3 words, what would you say to me?

At Clifton’s Cafeteria, someone left a light on. For 77 years.During renovations of the Broadway eatery, a neon lamp that was switched on during the Great Depression is found behind a partition. The owner estimates it’s generated more than $17,000 in electric bills. Wow, this is very weird.

Amelia Earhart: New evidence tells of her last days on a Pacific atoll

Everything you Always wanted to Know about Drones …

Earth-Threatening Asteroid Pushed Around by Sunlight

What questions are keeping astronomers up at night?

Is Our Civilization Detectable? — From interstellar space, of course. What did you think this headline meant?

History shows there’s a lot to learn from planetary transitsEven in 18th century, astronomers used Venus crossings to measure size of solar system.

Air rage: Passengers ‘quicker to snap’

U.S. nuns crack back at Vatican crackdown — I realized recently when encountering a priest while traveling that my personal opinion of the Catholic Church has taken a sharp, deep turn to the negative over the past few years. Between the disgusting way the church has handled their decades-long child sex abuse problem and the U.S. bishops’ vigorous current efforts to undermine women’s rights and health both within the church and in the nation as a whole, I have a very hard time viewing the church as a positive component of American society. Note this is a comment on the hierarchy, not on individual believers. But the believers support their poisonous hierarchy with their church attendance and their tithes… So my thoughts run in circles.

Conservative Jews OK Gay Marriage — Another bigotry domino falls. Yes, I know people who oppose gay marriage on grounds of social policy don’t think they’re bigots. Neither did people who opposed interracial marriage on grounds of social policy. But they were and are. The rationalization is painfully obvious from outside that worldview. (Snurched from @twilight2000.)

Baptist’s radio show canceled over Trayvon Martin commentsThe radio show of a longtime Baptist ethicist has been canceled because of comments on that show about the Trayvon Martin case, according to a report Friday in the Baptist Press. Per my remarks of yesterday, color me quite surprised at this further outbreak of accountability for conservative misbehavior. Is it possible that the zeitgeist is changing?

Prove Mitt’s not a unicorn, group says in satirizing ‘birthers’

Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: ‘Let’s Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators’ — Stay classy, conservative America. It’s what you do best. (Via [info]danjite.)

?otd: Is it the aspiration to make the other rappers think you’re dope?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 (solid)
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Currently reading: Shattering the Ley by Benjamin Tate

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Why I Write Diversity (With Bonus Poop Metaphor!)[info]karenhealey with a thoughtful commentary on addressing social issues in fiction. One I largely agree with, and have been trying to live up to myself for quite a few years. (Via Steve Buchheit.)

Get Fuzzy on how good writers write — Hahaha!

What’s Worse Than Finding a Worm in an Apple?Scrivener’s Error with some deep legal and publishing neepery about the DOJ e-book price fixing lawsuit

Q&A: The debate over statins — I take statin drugs on a daily basis.

DNA Sequencing Detects Residual LeukemiaGenomic method is more sensitive than other techniques looking for lingering cells post-chemotherapy. Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

Ring of fire: Millions to witness the burning moon of an ‘annular’ eclipse on Sunday — Sadly, in this part of Texas, I shall not be one of them.

Retreat of Alaska’s Columbia GlacierThe Columbia is a large tidewater glacier, flowing directly into the sea. When British explorers first surveyed it in 1794, its nose—or terminus—extended south to the northern edge of Heather Island, a small island near the mouth of Columbia Bay. The glacier held that position until 1980, when it began a rapid retreat that continues today. Nope, no climate change here. Just a bunch of liberals sneaking up to Alaska with blowtorches. I’m sure Rush Limbaugh can explain this away. For reals, the cognitive dissonance required to be an American conservative today would make me mentally ill.

Most U.S. children under 1 are minorities, Census says — Yep, that GOP strategy of catering to white bigotry is really going to pay off over the years to come. (Well, actually, it will, because in politics no one remembers anything before the current election cycle. The entire conservative movement is one giant Etch-a-Sketch.) Juan Cole with some nuanced commentary on the historical meaning of ‘white’ in this context.

Our real first gay presidentDon’t believe what Newsweek’s cover tells you: The first gay president was James Buchanan more than a century ago. (Via [info]danjite.)

Beyond Mitt’s Underwear: Part 6: My Thoughts[info]tongodeon wraps up his fascinating series on the Church of Latter Day Saints.

What the Bible really says about homosexuality — Hint: not much. God hates shrimp, too, but we don’t see Christianists picketing seafood distributors. We now face religious jingoism, the imposition of personal beliefs on the whole pluralistic society. Worse still, these beliefs are irrational, just a fiction of blind conviction. Nowhere does the Bible actually oppose homosexuality. (Via [info]teriegarrison.)

Let Them Eat Cake[I]t’s difficult for a segment of Christians to recognize this because we’ve become so entrenched that we own the exclusive right to dictate terms to others in our society, and anyone who challenges this exclusive right is obviously oppressing us! A Christian blogger who actually gets it, talking about Christians and gay marriage, as well as the idiotic meme of Christian persecution. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Clowns Plan To Protest During NATO Summit — Because all politics is local. Or something. Heh. (Via [info]danjite.)

Only one party’s to blame? Don’t tell the Sunday shows. — Your Liberal Media, supporting the conservative party line since pretty much forever. That “liberal media” meme may be one of the most successful Big Lies in modern political history, because in discrediting the messengers of reality, the lie has enabled at least two generations of the Republican electorate to dismiss anything they don’t like as liberal lies without any examination of the facts whatsoever. Which really pays off big for the GOP on a story like this one.

?otd: Can’t you hear the captain shouting?

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Body movement: 60 minute urban walk
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Genre Kryptonite: Unusual Dystopias

Are eReaders Really Green? — (Snurched from Andrew Wheeler.)

Bellevue’s Stella’s nets ‘best burger’ title — This is where I ate this past Monday.

Zombie-ant parasitic fungus kept in check by hyperparasitic fungusAnt colonies are protected against brain-manipulating parasitic fungi by another fungus.

Blond hair evolved separately in Europe and the South Pacific

The oldest living thing on Earth is 6,000 tons of grass — Cool. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Mars Opportunity rover reaches Endeavour crater, finds signs of ancient Martian water

Bringing an Asteroid to Lunar Orbit

Fermi Epicycles: The Vela Pulsar’s Path — A very cool image from APOD. The written explanation is just as cool.

Greenland glaciers speed up, swelling rising seas — Amazing how Al Gore has managed to get even the glaciers to go along with his crazy liberal global warming conspiracy. Rush Limbaugh to the ice cap, stat!

?otd: Will you come along and take that ride?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (2,600 words on Their Currents Turn Awry)
Body movement: n/a (airport walking to come)
Hours slept: 6.0 (fitful)
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Currently reading: The Blade Itself Joe Abercrombie

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Tor Books goes completely DRM-free — Old news for those of you who follow ebooks, but just in case you missed it. Also, more from John Scalzi and Charlie Stross.

Beneath an Abandoned Hospital: Thoughts from Places — (Via [info]shelly_rae.)

So Much Life on a Little Patch of Earth — Counting bugs in a backyard in Bellingham, WA.

Mysterious ‘Godzillus’ fossil find stumps scientistsAn amateur paleontologist discovered an unusual fossil last year. Now experts are attempting to determine its identity.

Edison’s Revenge: The Rise of DC PowerIn a world of more electronics and solar energy, there’s less and less need for AC power. Nikolai Tesla is spinning in his grave. Hopefully wrapped in copper wire while doing so.

Rage Against the Smart MeterSeeing Big Brother in the grid, some citizens are mounting opposition to wireless electricity meters. Break out the tinfoil hats, boys.

Warm Ocean Waters to Blame for Antarctic Ice MeltA new satellite survey indicates ice-shelf thinning is due to winds driving warmer ocean currents under the shelves. Yet another example of how liberals get the facts to conspire against the conservative version of truth.

Climate change proponent realizes he was wrong, but for the wrong reasons — What happens when a scientist gets the science wrong. This is as nutty as climate change denialism, from the other direction.

Let’s beef up Social Security benefits instead of cutting themThe best way to improve Social Security’s value is by increasing benefits to better serve the neediest workers and expanding its reach to cover workers and dependents who have been excluded. Except the Republican lies about Social Security make for much better headlines.

Brutality of Servility — An interesting take on the John Edwards trial. Ghu am I glad he didn’t become president. This would have been worse than the Bill and Monica show.

Today We Pray for Women for Whom Pregnancy is Not Good News… — There are still some people in the Christian church who can look beyond their own prejudices and the deliberate misreading of scripture that characterize the Christianists of the forced pregnancy movement. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

How the Pennsylvania Senate Primary Explains Democrats’ Chances to Keep the Senate

Newt Gingrich to suspend campaign He truly believes he would be the best candidate for the party but recognizes the objective reality that recent primary voters have not agreed and intends to be loyal to the party. Um, Newt. You’re a Republican. A leading light of the political party that explicitly rejects objective reality in favor of ideology, deliberate falsehood, bigotry and sheer wishful thinking.

Hail to Mitt: Romney Has a Big Night—Sort Of — Which he achieved mostly by pretending that the GOP had nothing to do with either creating the current state of the economy under the Bush administration, or with perpetuating the current state of the economy through their absolutist intransigence towards Obama. Luckily for Romney, Your Liberal Media supports that blatantly deceptive narrative, and millions of low information voters are happy to go along with it.

?otd: How high did you go yesterday?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (1.0 hour on 1,600 words on Their Currents Turn Awry, plus a fair amount of outline work, 1.0 hour on WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bicycle ride
Hours slept: 6.75 (solid)
Weight: 241.6 (!)
Currently reading: A Game of Thrones (graphic novel), George R.R. Martin with Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson

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Review of Die Räder der Welt — At Phantasick-News, a German site. (Thanks to Marcel Bülles, my German translator.)

The Rejection Generator ProjectThe Rejection Generator rejects writers before an editor looks at a submission. Inspired by psychological research showing that after people experience pain they are less afraid of it in the future, The Rejection Generator helps writers take the pain out of rejection.

Mark Bourne Clarion West Scholarship Fund — A memorial for our dear friend. Check it out, and contribute if you can.

A View Inside the Sausage GrinderScrivener’s Error with more detailed legal neepery on the new ebook pricing lawsuit.

How My Aunt Marge Ended Up in the Deep Freeze . . . — Weird, weird piece.

Greenland ice sheet may be sliding away due to surface lake melt — Just a hypothesis so far (tip for denialists: what you like to confuse with “theory”), but more evidence of the inherent bias of reality in favor of a reality-based worldview. Weird, huh?

Roger Ailes: Soledad O’Brien Was ‘Named After A Prison’ — Ah, how I love the measured, thoughtful and rational tone of conservative discourse.

“Pro-Life” Community Very Upset More Women Will Not Be Collateral Damage in Their Religious Jihad Against AbortionIf they are so convinced they are right on the issue, why must they LIE about EVERYTHING? I would ask that of conservatives in general, and religious conservatives in particular.

If Romney Loses, the Republican Desire to Win the Presidency Will Trump All Other Considerations in 2016 — If Romney wins, it will be America turning a blind eye to the utter disaster that was the last period of Republican rule.

Mitt Romney thinks his wife lacks “dignity”? Mitt Romney said this past January that he thinks stay at home moms taking care of small children are lacking in dignity since they’re not working real jobs. But Hilary Rosen!

Romney’s Live Mic MomentBut what stands out to me most is [Romney’s] explicit statement of what seems to be his campaign strategy — remaining as vague as possible about what policies he’ll actually pursue. “I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go.” That’s because to get specific will alienate lot of voters. Nobody, not even Republicans, likes conservative policies when applied to them personally. Punishing the “other” is terrific GOP politics, but the reality is that even “real Americans” will get scorched of any of this ever turns out to be true.

Romney’s remarks on limiting tax deductions draw fire — Once again, conservative “ideas” aren’t popular when applied to conservatives personally. Removing the home mortgage interest deduction doesn’t punish liberal sluts or little brown people or the greedy poor, it punishes “real Americans”, and that will never fly with the GOP base. Republican voters like to imagine the cruelties behind which they rally will never apply to them. (See “the only moral abortion is my own” phenomenon for another glaring example of this deep hypocrisy inherent in the Right’s worldview.)

?otd: Got rhythm? Got music?

Writing time yesterday: n/a (cancer stress)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.5 (fitful)
Weight: 240.0
Currently reading: Somewhere Else by Sally McLennan

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The Sound of One Shoe DroppingScrivener’s Error on U.S. v. Apple, Inc., et al., the shiny new lawsuit alleging ebook price fixing. (Disclaimer, Macmillan, my own publisher via my Tor relationship, is a defendant in this lawsuit.)

Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits, in the Flemish Style — Hahaha. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

I remember you — Roger Ebert on the meaning of death.

Why Scientists Are Fooling Animals With Virtual RealityNew technological developments in virtual reality allow researchers to study the neurological basis of decision making in insects, rodents, and other animals. But do roaches truly think the simulation is real, or are they just playing a video game? It’s the Matrix! (Snurched from @DavidBrin1.)

Computer Scientists Build Computer Using Swarms of CrabsLogic gates that exploit the swarming behaviour of soldier crabs have been built and tested in Japan. The future is here, and it has claws…

Bits of the Future: First Universal Quantum Network Prototype Links 2 Separate LabsPhysicists demonstrate a scalable quantum network that ought to be adaptable for all manner of long-distance quantum communication.

‘Universal’ cancer vaccine developed A vaccine that can train cancer patients’ own bodies to seek out and destroy tumour cells has been developed by scientists. (Via [info]shelly_rae.)

Closer to using aspirin for cancer prevention — Not that it helps me now… (Via [info]bravado111.)

Saving Lives in a Time of Cholera — (Via [info]tillyjane.)

Now This Is Interesting: A Climate Prediction From 1981 — Hey. Guess what. They were right. Amazing, how those facts just line up against the conservative worldview over and over again. (Snurched from Slacktivist.)

Born This WayThe new weird science of hardwired political identity. Speaking of yesterday’s post. (Via AH.)

Which Way Does Your Blog Lean? — An analysis of political discourse online. The practices of the left are more consistent with the prediction that the networked public sphere offers new pathways for discursive participation by a wider array of individuals, whereas the practices of the right suggest that a small group of elites may retain more exclusive agenda-setting authority online.

Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ 80 House Democrats Are Communist Party Members — Tell me again that conservatives aren’t bugfuck crazy?

Tennessee “Monkey Bill” Update — Speaking of bugfuck crazy. Ah, conservatives. Ruining education for all of America’s children, not just their own. Yet another reason I can never be a conservative. I just don’t have it in me to force such massive intellectual inconsistency and deep counterfactuals on generations of young minds.

Ann Romney takes to Twitter to defend herself — Take a public stance, deal with the public response. Just be glad you’ll never get the Hillary treatment from Your Liberal Media, Ann. As a conservative, you’re immune to that level of investigation and harassment. Nancy Reagan and both Bush first ladies proved that in spades.

Santorum stands down — Ah, Senator Frothy Mix, we hardly knew ya’.

Remembering Rick Santorum: Obama’s Secret Weapon

Re-Election Would Allow Obama to Ignore the Left More Than He Already Does — The conservative idea that somehow Obama’s “inner leftist” will be unleashed is just another one of their bizarre fixations. I’m one of those people who voted enthusiastically for Obama from the left last time around, and has been repeatedly disappointed ever since. Trust me, he’s no leftist.

?otd: Are you out of your brain on the train?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (3,000 words on Their Currents Turn Awry)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.5 (solid)
Weight: 239.6
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[links] Link salad gets checked for fleas and barricades of embassies

Rick Kleffle, with a podcast including me reading a bit from the beginning of Calamity of So Long a Life

Why I hate the myth of the suffering artistIt is absurd and insulting to assume artists are assisted by despair or hunger in a way that, say, plumbers are not. (Via @ce_murphy.)

Copying Is Not Theft — Hmmm…

The Bacon Coffin — For when John Scalzi becomes a vampire. (Via my Dad.)

Boston University scientists discover evidence humans used fire 1 million years ago

We Can Survive Killer Asteroids — But It Won’t Be Easy — Duck! And cover!

Programmable ‘smart sand’ can assume any shape — If you don’t think this is cool, you are dead to me.

Future telescope array drives development of exabyte processing

Flying car completes its first test flight, could be on sale by end of the year — 1970 called, they want their future back. Now, where’s my jetpack?

Oil Scare Turns FedEx On To Energy Efficiency — Electric vehicles? Come on. Any Republican can tell you that’s total Kenyan Muslim socialism. Even when one of American’s leading companies is doing the investing.

Gay pride flag raised at a US base in Afghanistan — Go, go, go!

Charlie debunks 2012 nonsense — Why does this even need debunking? As profoundly counterfactual and willfully ignorant as evolution denial and climate change denial are, at least I can see where they’re coming from in a cultural and political sense. But 2012 paranoia?

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood attacked with ‘explosive device’ — Remember kids, according to the Republican party, it’s not terrorism if good conservative white people are doing the bombing and the killing.

Six dead in shooting at Oakland university; suspect arrested in Alameda — Thank god for the NRA and the GOP standing up for everyone’s right to their defense of essential liberties.

A Return to… You Call This Sanity?Scrivener’s Error is interesting on ebooks and the politics of education. To start with, if you call anything that does not meet your preconceived notion from the hard Right “liberal” — including centrist positions a liberal might well call “conservative” — you’re going to get a rather distorted picture. Then, too, exactly how does one judge the political orientation of introductory calculus-based physics? Is it a “liberal-oriented” course if it includes “modern physics”? How about if you offer a non-calculus-based alternative that mentions energy production as an example for study? Is a linguistics course that includes consideration of non-Western languages inherently “liberal”, especially if it is not based on Latin and ancient Greek?

Permitted handguns will be allowed in RNC’s ‘clean zone’oping to head off violent protesters during the Republican National Convention, Mayor Bob Buckhorn has proposed a litany of items that will be considered security threats during the week-long event. The list runs from air pistols to water pistols and also includes items such as masks, plastic or metal pipe and string more than six inches long. Conspicuously absent from the list of potential weapons: Firearms. Nice to see that conservative America still has its priorities straight. (Via [info]danjite.)

Social issues are not the Republican Party’s problem – the gender gap is about healthcare, not sex — A British perspective, with a strong conservative bias.

Republicans are causing a moral crisis in AmericaIt’s hard to point to a single priority of the Republican Party these days that isn’t steeped in moral failing while being dressed up in moral righteousness. […] It is a very strange thing that the people who lecture most fervently about morality are those who are most willing to fight for policies that are so immoral. This is an emperor-has-no-clothes argument, one I’ve been making for years in vain given the conservative dominance of the “liberal” media and our political discourse.

Pink Slime Economics[A] lasting budget deal can only work if both parties can be counted on to be both responsible and honest — and House Republicans have just demonstrated, as clearly as anyone could wish, that they are neither. This is news how?

Pressure grows for Rick Santorum to drop out as Obama surges in pollsMitt Romney expected to win Tuesday primaries as GOP eager to end contest and shift campaign against the president. Amazingly enough, bugfuck conservative lunacy doesn’t poll well with people who haven’t already drunk the Kool-Aid. I know this will come as a shock to many Republican voters, but their worldview as expressed by Santorum is neither rational nor popular.

Obama Cautions Against ‘Judicial Activism’ On Health Care“Ultimately I’m confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress,” Obama said at a Rose Garden press conference. “And I just remind conservative commentators that for years, what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. An unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. Well, this is a good example. And I’m pretty confident this court will recognize that and not take that step.” Silly president, assuming the remotest intellectual consistency or good faith from Republicans. It’s only judicial activism when conservatives disagree with the outcome. Legislation from the bench is fine when it supports the conservative worldview.

?otd: Do you ever ever ever wanna be young again?

Writing time yesterday: 4.25 hours (2.75 hours of reviewing existing draft of Their Currents Turn Awry, added 1,300 words; 1.5 hours of WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.75 (solid)
Weight: 238.6
Currently reading: The Bone Doll’s Twin by Lynn Flewelling

[links] Link salad rings the bells that still can ring

Interrogating the Text #4: Jay Lake takes a “Long Walk Home” — A reader analyzes my novelette in some detail.

Penguin is hosting a Twitter chat with author Deborah Harkness on April 4th — I rather liked her book A Discovery of Witches.

But I Worked So Hard![info]jimvanpelt on the indirect connection between hard work and achievement.

What’s The Best Time of Day to be Creative?

Slipping on a Few Antitrust Banana PeelsScrivener’s Error with some deep legal napery on the DOJ’s ebook price fixing investigation. Worth a patient read if you’re interested in the legal/business nuts and bolts of the issue.

Ikea Stonehenge — Heh. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

An Indo-European language tree — Interesting diagram. (Via my brother.)

“How to Make Friends by Telephone” ca. 1940s — (Snurched from Curiosity Counts.)

Digital Devices for Luddites — (Via my Dad.)

Lick Observatory Moonrise — Another stunning APOD image.

Mars: Boldly Going Where Lots Of Science Fiction Has Gone Before

How Do You Tell Time On Mars?Synchronizing rovers on Mars with their drivers on Earth is a bit of a challenge.

Why open science failed after the gulf oil spill — Yes, clearly what we need is less regulation.

The Trees Are All Right — Republicans and nature.

How the Ghost of Jerry Falwell Conquered the Republican PartyBefore Falwell, if liberals wanted to increase the minimum wage by one dollar and conservatives did not want to increase it at all, they could compromise and raise the minimum wage by fifty cents. Before Falwell, the American public’s ambivalence about abortion could find expression in the Hyde Amendment, which does not prohibit abortion but denies federal funds for the procedure. After Falwell, such compromises were seen not as part of the art of governance, but as a betrayal of first principles. After Falwell, conservatives could not entertain differences of opinion on many issues without being accused of political heresy. I’ve long said religion and politics mix poorly because politics requires compromise, while religion, especially the narrow minded literalism of American evangelicalism, rejects compromise as literally sinful. (Via Slacktivist.)

Rush Limbaugh vs. Bill Maher: Which one’s words were worse? — Right. Because Maher has such a vast audience, and such a profound influence over a major political party. Unlike Rush, who’s a B-list comedian with a C-list cable tv show and little political or cultural influence. No, wait. Did I get that backwards? God, how conservatives do love false equivalency. It lets them hide the venal horror of their beliefs from themselves.

No Game: Playstation Buying Lieutenant Gov Indicted For Ethics Violations — This is why we’re supposed to vote Republican, right? Because godless liberals have no morals. At least, that’s what’s been shouted in my ear all my life. Glad to see the GOP is holding up their sterling ethical tradition.

‘A Hug That the Media Won’t Show’ — Ta-Nehisi Coates on the latest episode of manufactured outrage from our friends on the Right. “Radical and bizarre” is a political movement which can’t face up to evolution; is campaigning for president while standing in front of a flag of treason; is “Kenyan anti-colonial behavior” and “a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists,” Asserting that white supremacy haunts our legal institutions is mainstream for anyone with a serious knowledge of our history.

?otd: How does the light get in?

Writing time yesterday: 1.75 hours (Going to Extremes)
Body movement: 90 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.25 (solid)
Weight: 236.8
Currently reading: 1491 by Charles C. Mann; Permeable Borders by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

[links] Link salad misses out on the space weather

The ebook of 1935

Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese — This is hilarious.

Moving Target: Why a Cancer ‘Cure’ Is So Elusive

20-minute workout can alter your DNA for the better, study says — Epigenetics on the hoof.

Velociraptor’s last meal revealed — The fossil is from Mongolia. (Via my brother.)

Twister on Mars Captured in Amazing NASA Photo

Strong solar storm heading for Earth

Researchers trap antihydrogen for insight into our matter-dominated universe

Scientists say they’re closing in on elusive Higgs boson

What We Learned About Nuclear Safety from Fukushima

Contraception ignorance: Stupid or evil? — But Jesus told them!

On Birth Control and the PatriarchyNever before in my adult life has an election cycle so obviously centered around women’s rights and how the conservatives would like to roll back the clock on that issue. I can make my own choices about my family life and my health. I don’t need Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul to help me. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Why Does Santorum Stay In?

Parisians marvel at spectacle of U.S. election race — Yeah, I’ll bet.

Even In France, Romneyland Locks Down Those Who Knew Him…a fatal car crash that darkened his time there. Sort of like how we never talk about the fact that former First Lady Laura Bush killed someone in her youth. Can you imagine if that had been true of Bill or Hillary? We’d never hear the end of it from Your Liberal Media.

?otd: Seen the aurora borealis?

Writing time yesterday: 0.5 hours (WRPA, otherwise took the day off)
Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 7.0 (solid)
Weight: 237.0
Currently reading: 1491 by Charles C. Mann; Permeable Borders by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

[links] Link salad says meow

Shimmer‘s blog asks writers to define what constitutes a successful year

Amazon Drops a Big Shoe — Amazon abusing their market power? No one could possibly have foreseen this.

Report Affirms Lifesaving Role of Colonoscopy — Yep. This. If you’re eligible for a colonoscopy due to age or family history, or most importantly, symptoms: go get one. Trust me, the realities of colon cancer are orders of magnitude worse than the distastefulness of a colonoscopy. And don’t put it off. (Still thinking I should start a brown ribbon campaign for colon cancer.)

Aging of Eyes Is Blamed for Range of Health Woes — (Thanks to David Goldman.)

An Unconventional Pairing: Wine and ‘Sliders’ at the Castle — White Castle with a wine list? Really?

Tibetans’ (Forbidden) Special Treat — Mmm, momos. (Via AH.)

Zoning OutTime zones are fluid. What are the implications for time itself? (Via Curiosity Counts.)

Faster-than-light neutrinos could be down to bad wiringWhat might have been the biggest physics story of the past century may instead be down to a faulty connection. Ah, hardware problems.

Stochastic Pattern Recognition Dramatically Outperforms Conventional TechniquesA stochastic computer, designed to help an autonomous vehicle navigate, outperforms a conventional computer by three orders of magnitude, say computer scientists.

Humanity’s water footprint: US exports the most, uses the most per capita

Recalling A Pro-Choice Mitt Romney

Logical Errors and Propaganda in Republican Debate on the Middle East — Just remember, the conservative worldview is fair and balanced. It says so, right on TV.

The Rachet Effect—Why do post-Carter politics only move to the right? — I’ve often wondered this. The answer is obvious enough at one level: the highly successful Republican effort to demonize anything associated with liberalism. (You know, like retirement benefits, 40 hour work weeks, women’s suffrage, child labor laws, etc.)

?otd: Got cats?

Writing time yesterday: 2.5 hours (Sunspin revisions)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bicycle ride
Hours slept: 7.5 (solid)
Weight: 235.0
Currently reading: 1491 by Charles C. Mann

[links] Link salad is still in the Mile High City

A reader reacts to the anthology Is Anybody Out There? — Including favorable mention of my Sunspin short story, “Permanent Fatal Errors”.

Do you outline or are you a “pantser”? — The Shimmer blog’s group interview of five authors continues.

How to Save Books — Ted Rall on ebooks. (Via [info]goulo.)

An interface for navigating iPad ebooks that mimics the fluid, intuitive navigation of thumbing through the pages of a paper book.

Dead Ox Kids: 1939 — A little bit of Oregon history from Shorpy.

An octopus blind date — (Via Scrivener’s Error.)

A star that exploded but didn’t die: the Great Eruption of Eta Carinae

Swiss space-cleaning bot grabs flying junk, hurls itself into furnace — SkyNet? Hello?

What Happened At Heartland? — Further reporting on the cynical intellectual fraud that is climate change denialism. Nobel Intent with more on this, especially the money trail.

Drumming up a phony war on religion — When you don’t have any ideas, run on social manipulation. It’s the GOP way.A

The Saga of Rick Santorum’s Second Surge — Mmm. Senator Frothy Mix is frothing.

?otd: How many people named Tabor can there be in American history?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (short fiction revisions, some Sunspin WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute urban walk (cold!!!)
Hours slept: 6.25 (solid)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: 1491 by Charles C. Mann

[links] Link salad sleeps in

Patchwork Dreaming — Gerard Houarner on keeping the story going in your head.

Carl Zimmer responds to Jonathan Franzen’s rant against ebooks. — Very good.

The Upside of Dyslexia

“San Diego Demonoid”: you mean that dead opossum?

Does Mars have life? New study says it’s unlikely on the surface.

In Fuel Oil Country, Cold That Cuts to the Heart

Neil deGrasse Tyson on politicians and the electorate

Islam, Women and the West — Some interesting thinking on Western perceptions of the Islamic world by Jonathan Lyons.

Jury finds Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White guilty on 6 of 7 felony charges — No wonder Republicans claim to be so concerned with voter fraud. After all, if they’re committing it, surely everyone else is, too. Right? Anyone?

On eve of Darwin’s birthday, states take steps to limit evolution — It’s the full throated support for lunacy like this that obscures the value of any real ideas the conservative movement has. Like flavoring your stew with rat poison, it doesn’t matter how good your meat and veggies are.

Romney Is Not the “Stealth Tea Party Candidate” — Note to GOP: Romney is Wall Street delusionary conservative, not a Main Street delusionary conservative.

?otd: How much did you sleep last night?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (1.25 hours on short story revisions, 0.75 hours on Sunspin revisions)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.0 (solid)
Weight: 228.0
Currently reading: The Man in the Moone, and Other Lunar Fantasies ed. Faith Pizor