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[links] Link salad scramble

A reader reacts to Green Powell’s | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders ]

Which came first, the chicken or the duck? [ | LiveJournal ] — Some fairly entertaining and informative comments on eggs over there, especially on the LJ side.

on female friends — Thought provoking, to say the least.

Scrivener’s Error is on a roll with his link sausages today — Litterachoor and healthcare, both.

Integrations Under FireThe Edge of the American West on the history of racial and gender integration in the military. The parallels to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell are painfully obvious, much as the parallels between interracial marriage and gay marriage are. Bigotry is bigotry, however much it’s guised in a principled religious or political stance.

Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year — Ah, my ancestral home, leading the charge back to the Dark Ages. Why does anyone of faith think government mandates are a good idea? Their beliefs are only a demographic shift away from marginalization without the protections that secularism gives to religion. (Thanks to .)

Lying about healthcare — GOP Representative Roy Blunt lies about Canadian and UK healthcare, is indifferent to facts. Just like GOP Senator Charles Grassley’s “pull the plug on grandma” crack, which was widely reported, and which he now (much more quietly) admits he knew was false at the time. They lie to the headlines to advance their agenda, and experience no negative consequences for it, as the media does little fact checking and no followup. To my conservative friends: is this how you want your principles advanced?

Where are the limits?Talking Points Memo on bringing guns to political events, especially presidential events.

?otD: Why was the egg a gentleman?

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[links] Link salad apparently has a lot to say today

An Open Letter to John C. Wright — In case you missed it, Hal Duncan is his usual brilliant self, in response to some crap I won’t dignify with a countervailing link. swings for the fences on the same issue.

Food timeline — Food history and historical recipes. For those of you writing fantasy or historicals. Or time travel SF. Or whatever. (Thanks to .)

The chart of fantasy art — (Thanks to .)

Asher on Learning by Teaching — Very much applies to our field’s tradition of workshopping.

A Softer World is very funny (and slightly NSFW) — Read either literally or metaphorically, this applies especially well to genre writers.

Reviving the Lost Art of Naming in the World — Taxonomy and you.

Michael — A fascinating essay on Michael Jackson. Perspectives I’d never considered.

Embalming Without Odor: 1864 — Another fascinating image from Shorpy.

Crash for clunkers — Redneck “car launch”.

STEREO: Closing in on the Lagrange points — With lots of interesting information about the Giant Impactor.

APOD with an image of the Perseids — The moon was not up in Western North America when and I were out meteor watching late this past Wednesday night.

The brutal truth about America’s healthcare — A British view of our healthcare system. Worth reading especially if you think USA is number one.

Maddow on Right Wing Lies on Healthcare — Conservatives in their own words. Just in case you thought opposition to healthcare reform was principled. Or in your interests.

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush — Et tu, Dickus?

?otD: Did he die in the spring or did he die in the fall?

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