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[NIH Day 15]

Buy here but winding down now int recovery period. I’m still fat fingering most f what I try to type. This post absolutely included.

Friday midday I received 43.3 billion of my TIL cells infused back to me. A while raft of helper drugs came with, notably IL-2. I lasted 4 doses of iL-2, and was willing to tolerate more, but the doctors thought I was already at risk of serious lung and kidney issues from drug.

More to come I have it, not to mention recovering some of my writing skills. This post took over 30 minutes to compose on a full sized keyboard. Ah, cancer.

[cancer] Needle ho

Off to the infusion center before too long. Y’all know the drill. I’ll be back to some semblance of functional sanity on Sunday afternoon, off to Omaha Monday morning.

Because yes, I’m just that way.

Play nice, and kiss a cancer patient today.

[cancer] Another infusion day dawns

Going to the clinic in a little over an hour. Mom and Dad will pick me and up at 8. My appointments start at 8:30.

In describing many of the processes of my healthcare to (who is British), I find her croggled over and over at how we do things here in the United States. American exceptionalism probably makes conservatives smile in their sleep, but it sure doesn’t apply to our healthcare system. And I say this as one of the lucky ones with good insurance and a generous employer, being treated at a top-ranked medical institution.

Anyway, I will dropping off the blogosphere as the day goes by, though likely continuing my Twitter feed, at least intermittently. will be blogging anything of significance from the infusion day, so if you’re following my cancer adventures, might want to drop by her LiveJournal today.

Time for me to get ready, then get going, then get poisoned.