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Jay Lake – The Weight of History, the Lightness of the Future — A rather lengthy and apparently thoughtfully positive review in Romanian of my Sunspin cycle of short stories, leading into the novels. Google translation here.

Keep Calm and Gangnam Style — Hahahah.

Space shuttle Endeavour on the move through Los Angeles — at 2 mphHundreds of trees were removed from the route — angering some residents. Really? Did that have to happen?

iPhone 5 Map Flap Doesn’t Stop ConsumersPotential buyers considering Apple’s iPhone 5 don’t see the Maps app as a showstopper problem, new research says. Actually, it does. Lisa Costello just bought a new Droid instead of an iPhone because of the Google Maps issue.

Will an iPad Mini be worth buying?More on device sizes.

Unexploded bombs lurk off US coast Disposed World War II explosives and munitions in the Gulf of Mexico pose a threat to offshore oil drilling, according to Texas oceanographers.

‘Warmest year’ looking more likely for 2012 across continental US — More liberal mythmaking using so-called “data” and “facts”.

Insurer: Hey, these climate-related disasters are getting expensive — Apparently the liberal conspiracy over climate change extends to somehow quadrupling insurance losses due to increased adverse weather events. Amazing how badly reality is biased against the conservative position.

Maryland’s Marriage Moment“I would’t want someone denying my rights based on their religious views, so why should I deny others based upon mine? It’s about fairness.” I simply do not understand why millions of Republicans cannot understand this very basic principle which in turn protects their own freedoms. To put it in a religious framework, Leviticus 19:18 says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Michele Bachmann Makes Surprise Visit To Synagogue, Congregants Storm Out And Donate To Her Opponent — Hahaha. (Via David Goldman.)

The 6 Studies Paul Ryan Cited Prove Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Is Impossible — If you call blog posts studies. Which, given the widely demonstrated conservative distrust of “facts” and “data”, may be perfectly reasonable from Ryan’s perspective.

Romney Rising (Still) — Good for him, very bad for the country. Did we learn nothing from the presidency of George W. Bush?

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Apple’s $30bn maps mistakeTim Cook’s delayed apology over the maps fiasco tells us a lot about the company’s attitude and management. Yep, the corporate dick-waving over Google trumped Apple’s usual dedication to the user experience. Ego for the win, and to hell with their customers. Hey, Apple, how about giving us back Google Maps in iOS6?

Hey, Apple: Mapping Takes More Work than You ThinkApple’s apology suggests it may underestimate how much effort is needed to build a great map app.

Turkey Demands Return of Art, Alarming the World’s Museums — When I consider the Islamic world’s relationship to pre-Islamic antiquities, I can’t help but think of the Bamiyan Buddhas.

HominidInsects with visible human skeletons do insect things in the unsettling animation Hominid, based on the series of photo composites by Brian Andrews under the same title. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Injured bald eagle gets new 3-D printed beak — Wow. Weird. (Via [info]wild_irises.)

Cooley Airship: 1910 — Hmmm.

One Proposal to Relieve a Warming Planet: An Umbrella Made of Asteroid — Because space rocks.

Climate change ‘may shrink fish’Fish species are expected to shrink in size by up to 24% because of global warming, say scientists. Honey, I shrunk the fish? Of course, conservative fish will be as large as ever.

The Conservative Case for Obamacare — Duh. HCR started out as a Heritage Foundation proposal. Not exactly screaming socialists over there. And I do not understand why a political movement allegedly dedicated to entrepreneurship is so opposed to fixing one of the biggest barriers to individual business initiative — access to healthcare financing. I guess that’s like a political movement allegedly dedicated to ending abortion being opposed to sex education, contraception and women’s health services.

Schwarzenegger vetoed gay marriage twice, secretly performed two — Because conservatives have ethics, unlike those godless liberals.

Homework AssignmentScrivener’s Error on the subject of presidential debates.

Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama — Because Mitt Romney would be better about any of the issues mentioned in this piece? Really?

President Obama: The Democrats’ Ronald Reagan — Interesting piece, though for me personally, my deep resentment of the endless hagiography of the old fraud that was Ronald Reagan really mars the comparison.

Court Weighs Same-Sex to Race-Related Laws Following Obamacare — Oh, boy. More chances for conservative ideology to mar American jurisprudence for a generation.

Apocalyptic rhetoric of religious right is playing with fireThat wild talk is just pep-rally hyperbole that they don’t really expect to come about any more than they really expected all of the horrific consequences they earlier predicted would come to pass when Vermont first allowed civil unions, or when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed. But not everyone understands that it’s just a game. And not everyone understands that these over-the-top predictions and lies are just role-playing aspects of that game. And when some of the people who listen to, and trust, these religious right spokespeople and right-wing media outlets hear what those folks are saying — and believe it, the consequences can be tragic: You could apply this reasoning to most the body of conservative political rhetoric in my lifetime, and a fair amount of liberal-progressive rhetoric as well. Except us lefties tend not to be quite so starkly apocalyptic, or violent in our messaging.

Riverside County GOP registration surge raises questions of fraudAt least 133 residents of a state Senate district there have filed formal complaints with the state, saying they were added to GOP rolls without their knowledge. With abuses like this becoming routine news, it’s a good thing Republicans the country over are on the case to keep brown people from voting. Look, ACORN!

Ryan Says Romney 47 Percent of Americans Remark a Misstep — Gee. Ya think? That’s what happens when Republicans are honest. People really understand what conservatism is all about. Almost nobody likes that truth.

?otD: Are you privileged to be as you are to this day, to be with you? To be with you?

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Mainspring, by Jay Lake — A mixed (at best) review, with some interesting observations.

One does not simply use iOS6 to walk into Mordor — Hahahah.

Things For Christians Not To Say To Someone Who Has Cancer — Yep. This. And frankly, speaking as an atheist, if God has anything whatsoever to do with my dancer, then He’s a cruel manipulative bastard who doesn’t deserve either my respect or my belief. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Canada cheese-smuggling ring busted – policeman chargedA Canadian police officer was among three people charged as the country’s authorities announced they had busted a major cheese-smuggling ring. Mmm, cheese.

Police: Minn. office shooter among “several” dead — Thank god for the NRA and the GOP, or this shooter would not have been able to exercise his defense of essential liberties. Aren’t gun rights grand?

Conn. Man Kills Masked Teen, Learns It’s His Son — Ah, guns.

Curiosity Rover Steps Right Into Ancient Riverbed on Mars

Biologists Replay 500 Million Years Of E Coli Evolution In The Lab Astrobiologists have recreated 500 million year-old bacteria then watched them evolve. The plan? To look for universal laws of biological evolution.

Bitter Pill — An interesting conservative analysis of how contraception affects women’s welfare across society as a whole. (Snurched from Freakonomics.)

If N.J. archbishop John Myers is right, then only Catholic marriage should be legal (and all Protestants are living in sin) — Yet another of the many reasons I am an atheist: the profound, myopic arrogance of so much of America’s alleged moral leadership.

Scenes From a Multiverse on Biblical ethics — Yep. Pretty much this. Per the above link.

Forget What You’ve Heard. Abortion Does Not Hurt the Democrats — Yep. Let’s actually stand for human rights and full healthcare and gender equality, instead of running from the conservative boojums.

Not The Election They Were Expecting — What do you know? When you run on liberal-progressive ideas, and actually stand behind them, you can even win on them.

New Data Show Net Job Growth Under Barack Obama — So, how did that whole jobs/economy thing work out under the last Republican president?

Don’t Expect a “Sharp Right Turn” in GOP After a Romney Loss — I disagree with Larison on the piece. If nothing else, he assumes that the movement conservatives who dominate the GOP would react logically to a Romney loss. Movement conservatism is proudly illogical and anti-intellectual, right on the place face of its own words, and will seek answers in belief while explicitly rejecting evidence that fails to support those beliefs. Ideology is privileged over reality by definition within the current conservative worldview. To believe otherwise is to credit intellectual honesty and self-awareness to a dominant political group that long ago consciously abandoned precisely those virtues.

Liz Cheney accuses Obama of abandoning non-existent country ‘Czechoslovakia’ — The stupid it would burn, except stupid has become a proudly held core value of conservatism.

RNC-Backed Company Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud — Oh, look. Actual voter fraud. By conservatives. But ACORN!

RNC cuts ties with firm over voter fraud allegations — Good for the GOP for doing the right thing.

?otD: You know that ain’t allowed?

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Body movement: 0.5 hours stationary bike ride
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Currently reading: Heartland by Mark Teppo

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Must-Have Primary Texts for the Steampunk Scholar

How to Make a Book DisappearJonah Lehrer’s discredited Imagine has vanished from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his publisher’s website. Why that’s bad news for readers. As tipster [info]corwynofamber says, “the future of censorship is digital”.

Doctors Sift Through Patients’ Genomes To Solve Medical Mysteries — (Via Ellen Eades.)

Anesthesia Method Suggests Possible Cure For Post-trauma Stress — This is the procedure that has been of such benefit to [info]kenscholes.

26 Ridiculous Sex-Ed Fails — This is what happens you let faith-based thinking interfere with reality. (Via [info]danjite.)

Justices will soon decide whether to take up same-sex marriage appeals — Who knows? The conservative Roberts Court might do the right and moral thing for the second time in its history. I’m not optimistic.

Mars Curiosity rover touches rock, ‘does a science’ Curiosity spent the past several days investigating a strange pyramid-shaped stone named ‘Jake Matijevic,’ testing out some of the gear at the end of its 7-foot-long arm.

Einstein’s Brain Goes Digital With iPad App

Google Street View maps the Great Barrier ReefWeb users around the world can now virtually dive on the world’s most beautiful reefs after a group of scientists map the seabed using special panoramic cameras.

Space shuttle over LA

Presidents—and would-be presidents—can’t resist meddling with NASA

Meeting A Troll… — This man is more merciful than I would have been. (Via [info]cypherindigo.)

‘Every Person Is Afraid of the Drones’: The Strikes’ Effect on Life in Pakistan — Feel safer now? We’re terrorizing an entire nation so you can.

In San Francisco, Prop. 8 backer to head Catholic ChurchThe pope’s appointment of Salvatore Cordileone has been called the ‘Bombshell by the Bay.’ Many gay and lesbian Catholics worry that they will be marginalized after his arrival. Yep, really got their finger on the pulse of America.

Ex-megachurch employee faces new charges as Tulsa police identify 4th victim of alleged abuse — This is why America needs more Christian values.

A Century of Voting Patterns — (Via Lisa Costello.)

Ohio Tea Partier attempts to intimidate student voters at OSU — Conservatives can’t win on ideas, so they try to win by cheating.

A Conservative History of the United States — Make your own facts! It’s fun! And much more satisfying that dealing with the messy nuances of the reality-based world.

Sandy Rios: Bush Gave Us Middle East ‘Peace for Ten Years’Rios blasted Obama supporters for claiming that George W. Bush left him an economic crisis while refusing to admit that Bush “left them peace, he left them peace for ten years,” and now “we are reaping the bitter fruits of chaos not only in the Middle East but in the world at large because we have not been dealing with them with strength” like Bush did. The conservative mind is so delusional. This is unhinged. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Conservative Group Claims Obama Has ‘Communist Beliefs,’ Compares His Policies To Hitler’s — Talk about confused concerning 20th century history. But, hey, this is conservative America. Guys, listen up: You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

We Are the 96 Percent[N]early all Americans have used government social policies at some point in their lives. The beneficiaries include the rich and the poor, Democrats and Republicans. Almost everyone is both a maker and a taker. The difference is that conservatives don’t count government social programs that apply to them. Only help for others they find less deserving.

Movement Conservatives Conveniently Forget Their Role in Making Romney Viable

?otD: Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?

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Body movement: 0.5 hours stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.5 (interrupted, with napping)
Weight: 229.4
Currently reading: Heartland by Mark Teppo

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A review of my short story “‘Hello,’ said the Gun”

Missing directions: Will Apple’s old maps app live on forever?Google Maps on iOS has been replaced with Apple’s own technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s disappearing entirely. There’s a real simple solution. Give us back our god damned Google Maps in iOS6.

A Startup Tries to Make a Better Artificial BrainVicarious thinks it can mimic the brain to create software that learns to see as we do. But will it be available in time to give Mitt “Roll Down the Windows” Romney the help he so desperately needs?

This is Scary: Scientists find a way to erase frightening memories — Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? (Via KOF.)

Anti-GMO researchers used science publication to manipulate the pressResearchers handed media a flawed paper, but forbid any consulting of experts. Apparently that item I recently linked to about organic food risks was fixed. This is the kind of bullshit conservatives pull, those of us in the reality-based community need to vigorously reject it from our own side.

Cancer-fighting Robots — DNA robots. Cool. (Via David Goldman.)

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers — Hmm. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Young cancer survivors often forgo medical care due to costsMany survivors of adolescent and young adult cancers avoid routine medical care because it’s too expensive, despite the fact that most have health insurance. That is the conclusion of a new study published early online in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society. The results indicate that expanding insurance coverage for young cancer survivors may be insufficient to safeguard their long-term health without efforts to reduce their medical cost burdens. Best medical care system in the world. Just ask any conservative who’s never been seriously ill, they’ll tell you what a bunch of socialist moochers America’s sick are. (Thanks [info]danjite.)

The Saunders-Roe SR.A/1 flying boat fighter, circa 1947

First aircraft carrier commissioned — China has blue water force projection.

Not all sins are stupid and not all stupidity is sinful, but young-earth creationism is both

“I’m Dreaming of a White President”: Randy Newman on His New Song — Wow. Um. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

State Rep. Mike Horner ends campaign after being named in racketeering, prostitution case — This is why Sarah Palin’s “real Americans” vote straight party line Republican. Because ethics. I’m sure the FOX News chiron on this one says Horner is a Democrat, despite his GOP party affiliation.

Congress’ most inept crook tries to hide evidence … with Wite-Out — Speaking of Republican ethics.

The Ballot CopsThirty years ago, the Republican National Committee was accused of violating the Voting Rights Act and ordered to cease its “ballot security” efforts. Now an organization called True the Vote wants to pick up where the RNC left off, by building a nationwide army to root out voter fraud—or, some would say, to suppress voter turnout. Because in order to succeed as a conservative, you have to block democracy at ever turn. If GOP ideas had merit on their own terms, the party wouldn’t be engaging in wholesale voter suppression nationwide.

The Reasons Why the GOP Nominates the Candidates It Does — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison is interesting, as usual.

Hard Core Talk-Radio Conservatives Elevated Mitt Romney — The dominant voice in Your Liberal Media controls the political agenda in this country, as they have for years. That’s the glory of the conservatives’ self-victimizing “liberal media” meme — it allows them that control without any accountability.

Study: Fact-checkers find Romney/GOP lie twice as much as Democrats — What amazes me about this election cycle is that conservatives no longer even pretend to care about the truth. Anti-Obama rhetoric from “We didn’t build that” to the condemnation of the Cairo embassy apology are flat-out, knowing lies. And no one cares. It’s all about making the sound-bite hit. When you can’t run on ideas, run on lies.

Mitt Romney, On 60 Minutes, Cites Emergency Room As Health Care Option For Uninsured — How many lies and flip-flops does R. Money have to tell before character counts for him? I remember clearly when the GOP was all over lying as evidence of bad Democratic character. Apparently bearing false witness in the conservative cause doesn’t matter.

A Plane Window into the Soul of the Romneybot — How stupid can Mitt really be? Roll the windows down? This stupid? George W. Bush class stupid. Dan Quayle class stupid. And he’s running for president?

Top Ten Mitt Romney Solutions to our Problems — The really cool thing about being a Republican is that when your party stands firmly for anti-intellectualism and is proud that the smart people aren’t on your side, the stupid doesn’t burn any more. It’s a wonderful mental insulator, conservatism.

?otD: Is my word but a whisper, is your deafness a shout?

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The End Of Games — Ta-Nehsis Coates on the aging of his personal fandoms. I could have said much the same.

Yes We Clan: Selected Scottish Tartans — Maps, patterns and political history.

Apple reportedly is poaching Google Maps staff — Hey, Apple. I’ve got a better idea. Give us back our damned Google Maps app.

Touchy: The Human Camera — Japanese street art. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

One way to skin a cat – same genes behind blotches of tabbies and king cheetahs

Are lower pesticide residues a good reason to buy organic? Probably not. — Interesting.

Oncology’s Moon ShotA Houston hospital announces a $3 billion project to reduce deaths from eight cancers.

Five Surprises From Billionaire Paul Allen’s Mind Map — And some background: Inside Paul Allen’s Quest To Reverse Engineer The Brain. (Via David Goldman.)

Aptos dad finds 15 minutes of YouTube fame with launch of son’s toy train

Free Speech in the Age of YouTube — Hmm.

Reading and writing quantum bits on a single electron spinResearchers construct a qubit from standard phosphorous-doped silicon.

Pulsating Nanotube Spits Out BuckyballsResearchers overcame a number of challenges to make this nanostructure. I’ve been on dates like that.

Oregon Rain Shadow — A satellite photo from Earth Observatory. This effect is starkly visible from an aircraft, and clearly visible from the ground. It’s all pretty damned cool.

Record-High Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Don’t Disprove Global Warming — Another day, another conservative lie.

Attendant’s gun accidentally discharged at Philadelphia airportThere was quite a scene Sunday morning at Philadelphia International Airport’s security checkpoints. It all started just before 7 a.m. ET when an apparently forgetful flight attendant for a US Airways Express affiliate brought a loaded handgun to the security checkpoint. The firearm then was accidentally discharged by a Philadelphia police officer. Security theater at its finest. Feel safer now?

It’s time for Islamophobic evangelicals to choose — It’s time for Evangelicals to live in the evidence-based world, frankly. Reality doesn’t stop just because you think your Bible tells you so.

Catholics Ignoring Bishops, Trending Democratic As U.S. Elections Near: Polling Data, My Reflections — Interesting stuff, if you’re curious about religious voting patterns. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Bobby Jindal’s Voucher Schools: American Indians On the Trail of Tears Were Just Coming to JesusOne of those “facts” is that “God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.” The tidbit comes from a 1994 A Beka Book, which offers Christian education materials, titled America: Land I Love. Another “fact” the schools will teach is that the Ku Klux Klan “in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross. Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. In some communities it achieved a certain respectability as it worked with politicians.” That information comes from United States History for Christian Schools (Bob Jones University Press, 2001). These vile, ahistorical lies are what happens when you cede control of schools to conservatives.

Mitt Romney Calls U.S.A. a ‘Foreign Country’ in His Tax Returns — Thought experiment: How widely would the right wing commentariat and Your Liberal Media trumpet this exact error if Obama had made it? Yep, no racism here. Nosirreebob.

?otD: Did the day-glo pirates sink at last?

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[links] Link salad for a thick-headed chemo Saturday

Is Apple Losing Its Way?Giving its users such a flawed navigation tool raises questions about the company’s strategy. Dear Apple: Could I please just have Google Maps back?

lexicitythe first and only comprehensive index for ancient language resources on the internet (Via the always interesting but frustratingly unusable Curiosity Counts, a Web site that has placed their own sense of design far above the access needs of their users.

Can it! Soda studies cite stronger link to obesity — My baseline weight dropped about fifty pounds when I made some lifestyle changes about five years ago. One of them was cutting out soda pop.

World’s Most Dangerous Beaches

Ancient site needs saving not destroyingA Buddhist statue overlooks a Chinese government-owned mining compound in Logar province, Afghanistan. Mes Aynak, a 2,600-year-old Buddhist site, could be destroyed in December to create a massive copper mine.

Evidence for hydrogen and water on Vesta hints at planetoid’s pastSurface features similar to some on Mars bolster Vesta’s planet-like nature.

Let those global warming dollars flow — Follow the money on global warming denialism, and their absurd claims regarding scientific fakery.

Dogma versus evidence — Speaking of denialism and faith-based/ideological thinking. Snurched from the Bad Astronomer, who gives a great exegesis on this piece.

Dodging Bullets — Jim Wright is passionate about military veterans are being treated by the government. Hint: he is not kind to Republicans, on the plain face of their words and deeds.

Why Vote? — Two economists ask the question.

Regarding the first rule and the First Amendment — Attn: Dan Cathy, Sarah Palin, etc.: Yes, you have a right to be an asshole. I have a right to criticize your behavior if so. Criticism of your assholery is not a violation of your First Amendment rights.

Mormons Want to Excommunicate Romney CriticAfter writing negative articles about the Republican candidate, the managing editor of says he faces excommunication. Is the Church on a witch hunt? Nope, no connection whatsoever between Mitt’s candidacy and his religion. That’s just secularist paranoia. Move along, citizen, nothing to see here.

Mitt Romney’s Son Signed ‘Abortion’ Clause In Surrogate Birth ContractMitt Romney covered some of the expenses connected with the arrangement. This is conservative hypocrisy right in the forefront. The leader of the same party that wants to deny every woman in America regardless of her religious or political beliefs access to reproductive health services was willing and able to cover his own family’s abortion needs. In other words, R. Money believes in reproductive choice for the Romney family, but not for yours. Conservative policies are once again unpopular when applied to conservatives themselves. How can Republicans think without their heads exploding?

GOP sniping, slide in key state polls and ongoing criticism from video keep Romney off-balance

Toward an Iron Law of Gaffes — The random desperation of the Romney campaign, and Your Liberal Media’s willingness to as always enable the conservative narrative.

The Tin-Eared Candidate and the Oblivious CampaignCalling for critics to be quiet and close ranks may be an understandable reaction, but it’s one that tells us several unflattering things about the Romney campaign. The campaign doesn’t seem to be able to take constructive criticism from those that appear to be genuinely interested in helping them improve and recover from their mistakes. They believe that their own “side” shouldn’t criticize them even when they blunder, which makes it easier for them to pretend that their blunders are just the product of hostile media coverage rather than a real error. They are more interested in responding to their critics than they seem to be in taking their advice seriously, which makes it more likely that they blunder badly later on.

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[links] Link salad heads for the infusion center

SF Squeecast Episode 16: Live from Chicon: Keeping It Classy on the Eve of a Hugo Award — In which I make a guest appearance, and tell Lynn Flewelling’s bear joke on live mic.

A Box of Crayons for the iPad — (Thanks to Dad.)

Some of the science behind procrastination (and tips on how to manage it) — I couldn’t find time to read this article.

Study finds humanity’s origins clouded by isolation and interbreedingOldest distinct population identified. But humans may never get specific site of origin.

Designing a Sustainable Interstellar Worldship

What would it mean if Jesus had been married?Slacktivist Fred Clark on the current stirrings in religious circles.

MoFem 101: Nauvoo Versus Utah Polygamy — Some inside baseball on Mormon polygamy history. I find this oddly fascinating.

Proud Americans, Be Who You Are — Being gay and political. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

“We’re Not Dead,” Say Texas Voters Informed They Were Dead — That conservative need to prevent voter fraud? Working out masterfully well.

Bill O’Reilly’s Sandra Fluke Obsession — Anatomy of yet another of the endless baldfaced conservative lies.

Final Stretch Marks Shift in Money Race — What’s wrong with this headline?

GOP Sen. says he will cut scientific funding because scientists read too much — Because, uh. I got nothing. The conservative stupid outpaces even my sarcasm sometimes.

Mitt Romney: I’m for the ‘100 percent’ — Amazing, the things conservatives say when they realize people are listening. Quite different from when they feel free to truly speak their minds.

Ann Romney to critics: “Stop it. This is hard” — Yes, I warmly recall when Ann Romney leapt to the defense of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama as the media savaged them and their husbands. Her sterling intellectual consistency is of a piece with that of conservatives as a whole.

Worse Than Bush — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on the Romney candidacy. He has more interesting stuff here. N.B. I like reading Larison because he critiques the conservative movement from the inside. Gives me a more rounded view of some of the issues that are very hot for me. I don’t actually agree with very many of his positions, but I find him fascinating to read.

?otD: Drip drip?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (2,300 new words on a Green novelette)
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[links] Link salad looks forward to JayCon XI

Right Tools Unleash Creativity on an iPad — Hmmm…

Helium Hokum: Why Airships Will Never Be Part of Our Transportation Infrastructure — Why let a little reality get in the way of a good steampunking? Some cool history and tech here. (Via David Goldman.)

Plan for China’s Water Crisis Spurs Concern — (Thanks to Dad.)

‘Global Commission’ Of Former Officials Says War On Drugs Has Failed — Also, this just in: sun rises in east. More on this from The Independent.

Mudbugged: Crawfish shortage spurs shooting at business — Second Amendment right to an assault rifle, check. Defense of essential liberties, check. No background requirements for gun ownership, check. Exercising your Constitutional rights by shooting up the fish market because they’re out of crawdads, check. Just another day in conservative America.

[NJ] Gov. Christie’s proposed income limits would cut Medicaid for working poorAdults in a family of three that makes as little as $103 a week would earn too much to qualify for health care provided by Medicaid under a sharply curtailed program Gov. Chris Christie wants the federal government to approve this year, according to state officials and advocates briefed on the proposal. Now that’s compassionate conservatism in action. Are you proud of your Republican party?

Straight from twitter – perception and reality about Obama — Conservative “thought” untrammeled by facts. It must be comforting to have a hermetically sealed worldview that is not intersected by reality. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Fact Checking Romney[H]e falsely said that President Barack Obama “has stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history,” calling this an “inconvenient truth.” Actually, the truth, inconvenient or not, is that more jobs were lost under President George W. Bush during the recent recession than under Obama. Those pesky facts, so often biased against conservatives. Luckily for Romney, his audience is far more interested in rhetoric than reality.

The Goodwin Liu nomination: Impaired judgmentHow times have changed. In 2005, when Democrats balked at confirming some of then-President George W. Bush’s judicial nominees, Senate Republicans widely declared that filibustering a judicial nominee violates the Constitution. Late last month, however, Senate Republicans embraced the tactic, almost unanimously joining a filibuster of professor Goodwin Liu’s nomination to a federal appeals court. Remember angry Republicans denouncing filibusters and calling for an “up or down vote”? Neither do they. Ah, conservatives, intellectual consistency is thy name.

?otD: Coming to JayCon tomorrow?

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