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[travel] In transit gloria Thursday

In DFW, loitering near Gate C17. Flight down was uneventful. I did find some lunatic fringe Christian spam in comments on, which I deleted. Not sure that was quite the right move, because it wasn’t technically spam so much as rant, but I don’t have time right now for pointless rhetorical combat with someone who confuses faith with facts.

Given my recent adaptation to a toilet-based lifestyle, I’m spending a lot more time in airport men’s room stalls. (Yes, this is almost over — the antibiotic course is working well. But it’s not over yet.) I’ve been ranting about the lack of outlets in airport lounges for a long time. Here’s a thought: why are stalls designed as if no one ever carries luggage? Have you tried maneuvering a roller bag and a computer satchel into one of those things. Rant, rant, rant. It’s like the good old days on this blog! I must have woken up feisty.

Just now loaned my cell phone to a Marine sergeant passing through on his mid-tour home leave from Iraq. He needed to call some of his family and was messing with some nearby payphones. I have a very strong negative view of the war, but I don’t for a moment confuse corrupt and venal Republican policymaking with the dedicated service of the men and women in uniform. (That was one of the great errors of the Left during Vietnam — inhumane, inhuman, and simply mistaken.)

Off to forage for food shortly.

[links] Link salad, low bandwidth/slow browsing edition

The hidden art inside microchips — I wonder what’s on the CIA chips in my head. Oh, wait, was that my outside voice? (Thanks to tetar.)

Hoodoo SkyAPOD with another gorgeous image.

The Dykes of Doggerland — More weird Big Science (well, Big Engineering) from Strange Maps.

Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal — Fascinating blog from Iraq. (Thanks to evaleastaristev.)

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