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[photos|travel] Kamokila Hawaiian village

Our next stop after Wailua Falls was Kamokila Hawaiian village. This is a partially reconstructed/restored site of a village abandoned around the end of the nineteenth century and rediscovered by accident in recent years. Some portions of the site, such as the temple, remain undisturbed amid the vegetation. Other portions have been reconstructed, and serve as a walking museum.


[photos|travel] Waimea canyon

Past the town of Waimea, we turned off the highway and drove up toward Waimea Canyon. Mark Twain described this as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, which is a pretty neat trick on an island 30 miles wide. As it happens, I agree with him.


[photos|travel] The Russian fort on Kauai and an abandoned sugar mill

After leaving the Steampunk Dream House [ | LiveJournal ] behind, [info]the_child and I hove to in the town of Waimea. As you enter from the east, you pass the site of Russian Fort Elizabeth. I had no idea there was ever a Russian presence in Hawaii, but apparently the Russian-American Company had three sites to protect resupply ports for their American fleet and possessions.

The site is a lot more interesting to read about than to look at. No preservation work has been done, and the walls of the fort are in perilous shape. Still, we wandered around poking at construction equipment, graffiti, and, yes, chickens.