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[movies] Hellboy II

karindira and I went to see Hellboy II last night. (I’d already gotten some wordage in on “Forests of the Night”.) It was pretty amazing, in a highly entertaining way.

I wasn’t so taken with the story line — it was fairly pedestrian. But the tone and style and details of the movie were so far over the top they’d gone out the back and bugged down the street for a pint and a smoke. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that went this far over the top since True Lies. As karindira said, you always knew you were watching a movie, but so what?

Hellboy had been pretty entertaining, as I recall, but this was something else again. And of course lots of lovely clockwork. I did mildly object to being told they were going to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, only to have them not go to Giant’s Causeway, but otherwise, man, what a ride.

This isn’t a review so much as a gush, I suppose. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen for all the frenetic, insane detail work. Oh, and Jeffrey Tambour is my new love god. Junior Samples is so fired.

[writing] Movies and stories

1,200 words on “In the Forests of the Night” tonight. Which was ok, I had a bit less than an hour of writing time today. This was in part because the_child and I went to see Kung Fu Panda after work. It’s a sweet movie, in a weird way. I was trying to wrap my head around some of the stereotyping, and finally gave up. Wuxia by way of West Coast animation. She liked it at any rate.

Work tomorrow, then a lot of running about this weekend. I’m resting, I swear.

[travel] Hitting the air once more

At PDX, waiting to go to Omaha. It’s almost like my normal life is back. The digestive issues settled over the weekend with a strict diet on my part, and I’ve upgraded to First Class in order to have easy access to the head, without a long line. Plus Imodium and toast.

As usual, the airport experience suggests process optimization. Message to Gothy chick in front of me in the line: yes, all those jewelry and piercings and metal accessories really do need to come off. And yes, it would have been simpler to take them all off in the first place than to retry the metal detector four times. Also, don’t stand in the express line a little before 5 am. All the flight crew and concession workers flowing past you will stall the travellers cold for ten minutes flat.

Yesterday afternoon I saw Wall*E. Everyone who reads this should go see that movie. It’s one of the sweetest, funniest, most charming movies I’ve ever seen. I will note for the sake of my geek cred that I was literally the only person in the theatre who laughed at seeing Sputnik.

Link salad later, time and the air transit system permitting. Y’all play nice while I’m five miles up in a kerosene-powered tin can.