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[links] Link salad looks forward to JayCon

Some reader reviews of my work — At Fantasy Literature.

[info]benpeek with an open letter to Ridley Scott concerning the film Prometheusimdb ] — Wow, that is some sophisticated ranting.

Chart House Birthday — My sister’s photo set of my birthday dinner this past Wednesday.

Questions about life — A survey, courtesy of the Niece.

Knock, knock: ‘Door of Paradise’ goes to Italy museum

Beware the Pedtextrian — Heh. (Thanks to [info]lillypond, a/k/a my sister.)

Mystery of Big Data’s Parallel Universe Brings Fear, and a ThrillAnd so it goes in the era of what is called Big Data, in which more and more information about our lives — where we shop and what we buy, indeed where we are right now — the economy, the genomes of countless organisms we can’t even name yet, galaxies full of stars we haven’t counted, traffic jams in Singapore and the weather on Mars tumbles faster and faster through bigger and bigger computers down to everybody’s fingertips, which are holding devices with more processing power than the Apollo mission control. Big Data probably knows more about us than we ourselves do, but is there stuff that Big Data itself doesn’t know it knows? Big Data is watching us, but who or what is watching Big Data? (Via my Dad.)

Snacks with few ingredients that you can pronounce — “Monosyllabic nature-fetishism?” Really?

Parasitic flower pirates genes from its host — Some seriously SFnal fodder here.

Artificial cells evolve proteins to structure semiconductors — This headline brought to you by the future.

Huge tsunami dock washes up in US — Ah, Oregon. (Thanks to Sally McLennan.)

Denied divorce, some same-sex couples ‘wed-locked’

Take PrideThis last Sunday, for the first time in its history, there was a specifically Mormon section of the Utah Pride Parade.

?otd: Coming to my birthday party?

Writing time yesterday: 0.75 hours (Going to Extremes outline)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.0 (solid)
Weight: 240.2 (!)
Currently reading: Shattering the Ley by Benjamin Tate

[links] Link salad looks down upon the smiling faces

10 Epic Steampunk Cats — A funny little project for which I was both the initial inspiration and the writer of the introduction.

About Female Characters (or as I like to call them, Characters) — Adrienne Kress Is Wise. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

Writer’s Block — Hahaha. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

In Defense of “Nutty” Commas

What fictional character shares your birthday? — In my case, Forrest Gump and Freddie Krueger. (Snurched from Andrew Wheeler.)

Lots of planets have a northLanguage Log on planetology and Dr. Who. Also, the comment section on this post is hilarious and well worth looking through.

Ways to Throw Your Sandwich Away — The Niece is funny. (Thanks to [info]lillypond.)

Getting a sense of the census — A nifty slideshow about the 1940 census.

Cancer Medicine is Stuck in the PastThe chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society calls for a genomics-based approach.

Discovering the Mutants Among UsLast year, the Sanger Institute boldly announced “We are all mutants” when a study was published showing that healthy individuals carry around 60 new mutations from their parents. I’m not sure why this is a bold announcement. I find it interesting but utterly unsurprising.

Emperor Penguins Counted From Space—A First — Um, wow…

The Wrong Stuff: North Korea’s Failure

The Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant — A photo of one of my favorite WWII aircraft.

This Is, In Fact, Your Grandfather’s Safe Sex PSA — Whoo! (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

The Wonderful, Unpredictable Life of the Occupy Movement — (Thanks to [info]tillyjane.)

Breath-taking climate denial nonsense, this time aimed at NASA[O]f the 49 signatories on that letter, not one is an actual working climate scientist. That should give you pause. The overwhelming majority of scientists who study the actual data and work with the actual climate models concur on climate change. (Much the same as with evolution.) Denialism only comes from those with ideological or personal axes to grind. Which, to a denialist, is a valorizing endorsement of their position as a courageous outsider battling the conspiracy. To the rest of us, that’s a strong clue about where reality actually can be found.

How Washington Forgot Where The ‘Buffett Rule’ Came From — Parrots for everyone! No, wait, wrong Buffett.

Catholic group criticizes Paul Ryan — Obviously, Catholic leaders who disagree with the Republican stance on any issue are Communists and secret Muslims.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Breaks Into Building, Abducts Woman Inside — A hilarious spoof of what the conservative talking points would be on Cory Booker. This comes perilously close to violating Poe’s Law.

On taxes, Republicans repudiate Ronald Reagan — More of that justly famed conservative intellectual consistency. Conservatives are about Reagan the way Evangelicals are about the Bible: the icon means whatever they want it to mean, despite the actual words and deeds. Inviolably so, until the next time they change their minds.

Do Republicans realize they’ve just called for the repeal of welfare reform?Slacktivist Fred Clark on the logical consequences Republican party’s brand new discovery that motherhood is hard work. Not that conservatives are ever responsible for the logical consequences of their positions.

Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. — Yes, the party that demonized and vilified Hillary Clinton with a tissue of lies is shocked when someone accurately challenges a candidate’s wife. Mmm, conservative principles in action.

Obama: Spouses should be left alone — Nice sentiment, and one I happen to agree with, but you are talking to the same conservative politicians and punditocracy who’ve spent the last two decades shredding Hillary Clinton. They certainly don’t agree with Obama, unless, of course, the spouse in question is a Republican spouse. In that case, basic fairness insists that no GOP candidate’s spouse ever be treated the way Democratic candidates’ spouses routinely are.

?otd: Did you polarize the pumpkin-eaters, static-humming panel-beaters, freshly day-glow’d factory cheaters?

Writing time yesterday: n/a
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.25 (solid)
Weight: 242.2 (!)
Currently reading: Somewhere Else by Sally McLennan

[food] Limeade, mmm…

and the Niece brought over the juicer she got me for Christmas then forgot about in her closet until she read my blog. She also brought two bags of limes, so experiments were undertaken.


The juicer.

The bag of a dozen limes made slightly more than a cup of fresh squeezed lime juice. (Which tastes about like you think it does.)

Mixing the lime juice and the simple syrup. (I used 1:1 proportions, which is a much higher ratio of lime juice to sweetener than most recipes call for, but I like it quite tart.)

Shaking them up to make the concentrate.

Mixing it with water. I cut it about 2:3 limeade-to-water, which again is stronger than most recipes call for.

The finished product. Mmmm. The pitcher was a Christmas present from Mother of the Child.

And my special limeade glass, a handmade Christmas present from .

All photos by . As usual, more at the Flickr set.