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[travel] A “Where’s Jay” update

Last week in Omaha they asked me to come back next week. (This is out of sequence, for a planning meeting.) Because I can never do anything the easy way, I am driving to Seattle this Saturday afternoon, planning to stay at the home of bravado111 and his lovely family that night. I’ll fly out of Seatac early Sunday morning, leaving the Genre car there.

In Omaha we’ll have a bonus Omaha Beach Party. Then I’ll be back to Seatac Thursday the 24th, because I have a signing at University Books that night. So there will certainly be a dinner or some such. I’ll stick around Friday with mine hosts so I can hit the Clarion West party Friday night the 25th (unless I’ve messed up the dates again), then head back to Nuevo Rancho Lake on the 26th.

The following week, I’m off to LaunchPad, then Denvention.

Just in case you were going to be in any of those places and wanted to catch up to me.

[travel] The speed of line

At Eppley Field. I’ve flown out of this airport at least 50 times in the past ten years, probably closer to 100, and I have never seen the security line like it is this morning. Good thing I was here 90 minutes before flight time.

Just now I heard someone screaming at the TSA guys — not smart. A lot of airport security is total B.S., but that’s not the fault of the people working the checkpoint. And there are burly gentlemen with firearms and powers of arrest lurking nearby at all times.

As it is, I probably don’t have time for a link salad before I’m out of here. I’m good, though. A decent night’s sleep, and day of nearly normal digestive health, have a gone a long way to easing my spirits as well as my physical comfort.

Y’all play nice today.

[personal] Omaha zzz

Managed my energy much better at work today. Also got back to the hotel early, and have been quiet and largely horizontal since. Clearly I’m not going to get any writing done this week, due to the energy demands of work+travel. This would really tick me off if I let it, but I need to lay low and take care of myself.

Another work day tomorrow, followed by the Omaha Beach Party, then lighting out for the territories Friday morning. See some, all or none of you in the Bay Area this weekend.

I’ll be funny tomorrow, I promise.

[travel] The sky, she is the color of lemons and plums

Here in Omaha, after various flight delays of the usual sort. Got my rental car pace the Hertz random upgrade program. The comedienne at the Gold counter asked me if I’d be ok with a Pinto, I told her she wasn’t old enough to know what a Pinto was. My reward, and/or her vengeance, was to give me a Chevy SUV I’ve had before here.

garyomaha met at the hotel as I arrived. I got the room with the trick door handle, which necessitated a return trip to the lobby, after which we went out to Mexican, then Whole Foods for me to buy supplies for the week. I’m here to tell you, you can buy soy yogurt in Omaha.

On the way back the thunderstorm line which had been rattling around all afternoon was high in the west. The setting sun was visible right on the horizon, but above it the clouds and obscuring rainfall filtered the dusklight first lemon yellow, then that weird mauve shade some plums get. The colors were an undifferentiated wash over that hemisphere of the heavens, from just above the horizon to over our heads. I’ve never seen anything quite like it — gorgeous and ominous in one swell foop.

Work tomorrow at the Omaha office. I’m laying low socially these next few days to baby my digestion, and work on “Forests of the Night” which was due, ahem, today. Omaha Beach Party Thursday, then I’m off to San Francisco for various weekend events related to Escapement, home Sunday.
Expect continued light blogging the next few days.

[travel] Hitting the air once more

At PDX, waiting to go to Omaha. It’s almost like my normal life is back. The digestive issues settled over the weekend with a strict diet on my part, and I’ve upgraded to First Class in order to have easy access to the head, without a long line. Plus Imodium and toast.

As usual, the airport experience suggests process optimization. Message to Gothy chick in front of me in the line: yes, all those jewelry and piercings and metal accessories really do need to come off. And yes, it would have been simpler to take them all off in the first place than to retry the metal detector four times. Also, don’t stand in the express line a little before 5 am. All the flight crew and concession workers flowing past you will stall the travellers cold for ten minutes flat.

Yesterday afternoon I saw Wall*E. Everyone who reads this should go see that movie. It’s one of the sweetest, funniest, most charming movies I’ve ever seen. I will note for the sake of my geek cred that I was literally the only person in the theatre who laughed at seeing Sputnik.

Link salad later, time and the air transit system permitting. Y’all play nice while I’m five miles up in a kerosene-powered tin can.

[personal] A little more updatery

Beach is cold and foggy. So am I. It was a rather difficult night, and that’s enough said about that.

There appears to be some extremely cool Escapement Amazon ] news forthcoming. Once it comes forth in a confirmable fashion, I will share.

Working today, then hanging with the family and writing. Omaha has been having some spectacularly bad weather. Next week’s travel may be interesting. In the mean time, I shall do what I always do and enjoy myself right where I am.

[travel] Miscellaneous geopositioning updatery

I guess I’m back on the merry-go-round.

This afternoon, the_child and I are off to the Washington coast (again!) to my parents’ beach house for the holiday weekend. I’ll be doing Day Jobbe work tomorrow, and a whole bunch more drafting on “In the Forests of the Night.”

Back Saturday afternoon, with a day of down time, then I’m off to scenic Omaha next Monday. The following Friday (7/11), I’m heading straight to San Francisco for an Escapement Amazon ] mini book tour.

I’ll be down in Santa Cruz Saturday morning with Rick Kleffel to be a radio talking head on GeekSpeak, 10 am – 11 am. Reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco Saturday afternoon at 3 pm. Then I’m at SF in SF with Susan Palwick that night at 7 pm. Home Sunday afternoon.
If you’re around the Bay Area, drop by one or more of those events.