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[conventions|repost] JayCon X

Mark your calendars now. In celebration of my natal anniversary, JayCon X, my 10th annual 37th birthday party, will be Saturday, July 3rd, from 2 to 5 pm at the Flying Pie in SE Portland. Come help me celebrate both my birthday and my successful completion of six months of chemotherapy in late June.

We’re partying because I was born, and because I will have beat cancer. Again.

Flying Pie Pizzeria
7804 SE Stark Street
Portland, 97215
(503) 254-2016
[ Google Maps ]

As is traditional for JayCon, Paul Carpentier is specifically not invited.

[awards] Updated pimpage for Nebula and Hugos

We’re at the end of the Nebula window, and in the Hugo window, so I thought I’d so some updated pimpage here.

My favorite picks are in bold.

Oddball Nebula eligibility (but not Hugo) due to rules change:

* “America, Such As She Is”; Alembical; ed. Lawrence M. Schoen and Arthur Dorrance, Paper Golem Press; November, 2008 [novella]
This is probably my favorite published story of my own to date, and I wish it had received more attention. If you’re a SFWA member interested in reading it for consideration this weekend, please contact for a .pdf.

2009 Published Science Fiction:

* “On the Human Plan; Lone Star Stories; February, 2009 [short story]
* “Rolling Steel: A Pre-Apocalyptic Love Story (with Shannon Page); Clarkesworld; April, 2009 [short story]
* “To Raise a Mutiny Betwixt Yourselves”; The New Space Opera 2, ed. Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan, Eos, April, 2009 [novelette] [in Sunspin continuity]
Leopard“; Jim Baen’s Universe, June, 2009 [short story]
“Black Heart, White Mourning”; Grant’s Pass, ed. Jennifer Brozek and Amanda Pillar, Morrigan Books; August, 2009 [short story]
* “Chain of Stars; Subterranean, October, 2009 – [novella] [In Mainspring continuity]
“Last Drink Bird Head”; Last Drink Bird Head, ed. Jeff vanderMeer; Ministry of Whimsy Press, October, 2009 [flash]
* Death of a Starship; MonkeyBrain Books, November, 2009 [novel]

2009 Published Fantasy:

* “Golden Pepper; Flash Fiction Online; February, 2009 [flash]
“The True Secret of Magic”, as Joe Edwards; Crime Spells, ed. Martin H. Greenberg and Loren Coleman, DAW; February, 2009 [short story]
“Witness to the Fall”; Crime Spells, ed. Martin H. Greenberg and Loren Coleman, DAW; February, 2009 [short story]
To Stone” (with Shannon Page); Morrigan eZine, May, 2009 [short story]
* Green; Tor Books, June, 2009 [novel]
People of Leaf and Branch“; Fantasy; June, 2009 [short story] [in Green continuity]
“Tale of the Poet and the Dog”; Japanese Dreams, ed. Sean Wallace, Prime Books; Summer, 2009 [short story]
“An Elderly Pirate Recalls the Death of Love”; Electric Velocipede Issue 17/18 [short story]
* “Red Dirt Kingdoms”; Realms of Fantasy, October, 2009 [short story]
Madness of Flowers; Night Shade Books, November, 2009 [novel]
“Bone Island” (with Shannon Page); Interzone, Fall, 2009 [novelette]
“Shedding Skin; Or How the World Came to Be”; Shimmer (Clockwork Jungle Issue), Fall, 2009 [short story]

[personal] Open dinner in San Francisco on July 20th [repost]


I am in San Francisco this week for some more medical appointments in connection with my cancer. Since I’m finding it logistically impossible to schedule time with people, I thought I’d throw one of my group dinners.

Today, Monday 7/20 at 6pm, and I will be at Kezar Bar & Grill, at the corner of Cole and Carl in Cole Valley. Exact address:

900 Cole St
San Francisco, CA 94117-4316
(415) 681-7678

This is just off the N-Judah street car line, among other things.

This is an open dinner. That means if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to come, whether we’re old friends, nodding acquaintances or total strangers. If you think you’ll be there, please let us know. That way we can warn the restaurant.

[repost|personal] An open dinner in New York City, 4/22

I’ll be having another open dinner, this time in New York City on Wednesday, 4/22. Mary Robinette Kowal is coordinating, due to me being in China most of the time between now and then. We’ll be meeting at 7 pm at Tarallucci e Vino. Please RSVP here or to Mary Robinette directly so we can get a rough headcount, and she can coordinate directions etc.

As usual with these dinners when I’m on the road, all are welcome. Old friend, fellow author, new reader; come on down.