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[links] Link salad says that rainy season comes too fast

The End Of Games — Ta-Nehsis Coates on the aging of his personal fandoms. I could have said much the same.

Yes We Clan: Selected Scottish Tartans — Maps, patterns and political history.

Apple reportedly is poaching Google Maps staff — Hey, Apple. I’ve got a better idea. Give us back our damned Google Maps app.

Touchy: The Human Camera — Japanese street art. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

One way to skin a cat – same genes behind blotches of tabbies and king cheetahs

Are lower pesticide residues a good reason to buy organic? Probably not. — Interesting.

Oncology’s Moon ShotA Houston hospital announces a $3 billion project to reduce deaths from eight cancers.

Five Surprises From Billionaire Paul Allen’s Mind Map — And some background: Inside Paul Allen’s Quest To Reverse Engineer The Brain. (Via David Goldman.)

Aptos dad finds 15 minutes of YouTube fame with launch of son’s toy train

Free Speech in the Age of YouTube — Hmm.

Reading and writing quantum bits on a single electron spinResearchers construct a qubit from standard phosphorous-doped silicon.

Pulsating Nanotube Spits Out BuckyballsResearchers overcame a number of challenges to make this nanostructure. I’ve been on dates like that.

Oregon Rain Shadow — A satellite photo from Earth Observatory. This effect is starkly visible from an aircraft, and clearly visible from the ground. It’s all pretty damned cool.

Record-High Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Don’t Disprove Global Warming — Another day, another conservative lie.

Attendant’s gun accidentally discharged at Philadelphia airportThere was quite a scene Sunday morning at Philadelphia International Airport’s security checkpoints. It all started just before 7 a.m. ET when an apparently forgetful flight attendant for a US Airways Express affiliate brought a loaded handgun to the security checkpoint. The firearm then was accidentally discharged by a Philadelphia police officer. Security theater at its finest. Feel safer now?

It’s time for Islamophobic evangelicals to choose — It’s time for Evangelicals to live in the evidence-based world, frankly. Reality doesn’t stop just because you think your Bible tells you so.

Catholics Ignoring Bishops, Trending Democratic As U.S. Elections Near: Polling Data, My Reflections — Interesting stuff, if you’re curious about religious voting patterns. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Bobby Jindal’s Voucher Schools: American Indians On the Trail of Tears Were Just Coming to JesusOne of those “facts” is that “God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.” The tidbit comes from a 1994 A Beka Book, which offers Christian education materials, titled America: Land I Love. Another “fact” the schools will teach is that the Ku Klux Klan “in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross. Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. In some communities it achieved a certain respectability as it worked with politicians.” That information comes from United States History for Christian Schools (Bob Jones University Press, 2001). These vile, ahistorical lies are what happens when you cede control of schools to conservatives.

Mitt Romney Calls U.S.A. a ‘Foreign Country’ in His Tax Returns — Thought experiment: How widely would the right wing commentariat and Your Liberal Media trumpet this exact error if Obama had made it? Yep, no racism here. Nosirreebob.

?otD: Did the day-glo pirates sink at last?

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[food] Eating Haggis on Burns Day

Last night I went to a haggis party at the home of Jersey Girl in Portland. It was fun to be able to go out of an evening, and, well, haggis on Robert Burns day. And this was the real thing, made from scratch with authentic ingredients.

There was a ceremonial reading of the Burns poem on haggis, then there was the serving of the beast. It looked nasty and, honestly, to my palate didn’t taste much better, but I am glad I tried it. Kind of like a feral, inept sausage cut by too much oatmeal. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever need to eat it again. Still, it was fun, and the company of Jersey Girl’s friends was good.

And, well, haggis. Come on. How often do you get a chance?

Haggis in the pan
Haggis in the pan

Haggis on the plate
Haggis on the plate

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