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[personal] More sick

Well, I laid down about 5:30 yesterday, and went lights out at 7:00 pm. Woke up at 6:15 this morning when the alarm clock went off. I didn’t know it was set, and was sleeping soundly, over eleven hours later.

That’s some serious sick for me, when I sleep like that, given my usual fare is six hours a night. NyQuil certainly helped, and I did wake up a lot, but just briefly before rolling back to sleep. Fever and chills as the night went on, and very strange dreams. The one that stands out this morning was me crawling on hands and knees through a very low-ceilinged attic to negotiate with Paris Hilton for the placement of a short story in the online market she edits. Ahem.

I am going to head into the office shortly, but if I start to delaminate, I’m right back to the hotel and my various nostrums. Taking ginger ale, Ricola and zinc tabs to work with me.