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[links] Link salad awakens dreaming of small woodland creatures

Rebellious girl thrust into life of slavery and lots of sex. A review of Green, by Jay Lake — A reader reacts to Green, not so much with the liking.

A rather nifty review of “To Raise a Mutiny Betwixt Yourselves” — The reviewer really got what I was on about.

Four Publishers Struggle to Strike Amazon eBook Deal; Buy Buttons Threatened — Hmm.

Book Marketing Awesomeness — I’m not a big fan of ‘book trailers’, but this one is for the win. (Thanks to Scrivener’s Error.)

With Cancer, Let’s Face It: Words Are Inadequate — Interesting. Need to consider my response to this. (Thanks to .)

My old man — Rogert Ebert about his father. Read this slowly, and whem you have a moment to weep.

Black Tie: 1943Shorpy takes us down to the tie plant.

Passing Stars and Interstellar Speculations — Instellar travel, the (eltively) slow way, from Centauri Dreams.

Quotes Uncovered: The Full Monty…when you hear a quote attributed to Lincoln or Jefferson, and it sounds too modern, and it accords with some political agenda, usually a conservative one, you can take it to the bank that it’s phony. What? Wait? Does this means our friends on the Right make shit up to meet their political ends? I though they were the ethical ones, banner carriers of principled consistency and moral standards! Say it ain’t so!

America May Truly Be In Decline — Or not. Amazing how much damage the “America first”, “small government”, “fiscally prudent” party has done to our country and our future.

?otD: How much chuck could woodchuck upchuck if a woodchuck could upchuck chuck?

Writing time yesterday: 60 minutes
Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Hours slept: 8.5 (solid)
This morning’s weigh-in: 229.2
Yesterday’s chemo stress index: 4/10 (shedding day)
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[links] Link salad wakes up and wonders what the day will bring

A reader reacts to Rocket Science

You’re Staring at My Story’s Package (1)Scrivener’s Error on copyrights and book editions. Fascinating stuff, if you’re into the business of books.

The Underwear Railroad: 1906 — A rather strange train photo from Shorpy.

Millis: Approaches to Interstellar Flight — Some fascinating stuff here for you skiffy writers.

NASA talks global warming — As usual, the facts are biased against the conservative worldview. Not that this slows them down for a moment…

GOP Trying To Exploit and Contain Populism At The Same Time — Conserative blogger Daniel Larison proves once again why I’ve come to admire his writing so much. He hits the nail on the head about much of what bothers me in the current conservative political stance, writing from the inside of the movement.

GOP Rep King feels heat for suicide bomber sympathies — White male tax protestor flies plane into building? Conservative hero. Muslim radical flies plane into building? Decade-long war on terror. Cognitive dissonance much, GOP?

Nicaragua prevents treatment of pregnant cancer patient — Welcome to the magical world of conservativeland, where even maternal death and the orphaning of an existing child doesn’t matter when measured against the rights of a ten week fetus. Proud of yourselves, guys? This is the future you’re making for all our daughters.

The gathering storm — Roger Ebert on privatization, public services, and where the money went. The GOP has been captured by a far-right movement that places its abstract ideology above practical needs and concerns in the real world. Well, it does. You can see that when Tea Partiers demonstrate against their own self-interest. Very much worth the read, especially if you think you’ll disagree with him.

NYTimes Public Editor Declines to Recommend Retraction for Multiple Erroneous Reports on False ACORN ‘Pimp’ Story — This is kind of inside baseball for political media junkies, frankly, but it’s an excellent example of how the liberal media isn’t. That “liberal media” meme may have been Atwater and Ailes’ greatest single success, it’s so false and so toxic to actual political reporting in this country, and has effectively converted the entire national media into a Right Wing echo chamber for the past three decades.

?otD: Who moved my cheese?

Writing time yesterday: 0 hours (exhausted)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.0 (slept well)
This morning’s weigh-in: n/a (forgot)
Yesterday’s chemo stress index: 6/10
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[links] Link salad pops another lactase tab

A reader reacts to Trial of Flowers Powell’s | Amazon | Barnes & Nobles | Borders ] — Loved the book, not so sure she recommends it. I take her point. Heh.

Fairwood Press announces The Specific Gravity of Grief — A cancer novella, coming out in a limited edition.

Avatar: Film making and human destiny Part I and Part IICentauri Dreams with some interesting analysis from a scientific and cultural perspective.

Saab and Saab — A J21 aircraft and a Model 92 auto.

Ghost Depot: 1905Shorpy with an interesting piece of railroad photography.

“I Don’t Believe in Global Warming” — Hahaha.

SMBC on faith and reason — Heh. Not unlike some of my own comments, except in handy comic form.

Christianity’s role in history of U.S. at issue — More on the Christianist Texas textbook selection nonsense. John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, a Christian institution [said], “They are not experts on social studies and history. Neither of them are trained in history. They are preachers who use the past and history as a means of promoting a political agenda in the present.” Huh. Good for Professor Fea.

?otD: Milk or cheese?

Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.0
This morning’s weigh-in: n/a
Currently reading: Bangkok 8 by John Burdett

[links] Link salad wanders into the weekend, idly scratching

A reader reacts to Escapement Powell’s | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders ]

RULES OF SEDUCTION: writing the opposite sex — Justine Musk on character.

English, Jack — A blog for you really high end grammar geeks.

Articulated Railroad Car: 1935 — Another quite cool patent drawing.

The Fairey Rotodyne — This looks to me like some crazed Soviet project. Would you fly in it?

APOD with an image of Stickney Crater on Phobos

The Gravitational Lens and Communications — Some serious Big Idea science from Centauri Dreams.

?otD: What age is this the dawning of, anyway?

Body movement: 2 hour, 15 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 5.5
This morning’s weigh-in: 231.2
Currently reading: The Jade Man’s Skin by Daniel Fox