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[writing|child] New adventures in parenting, getting stuff done

So I got a bunch of the way through the change notes on “In the Forests of the Night.” I plan to put that to bed tomorrow, and have Green in Wednesday. Thursday at the latest. Then I’m just going to ripsnort through LaunchPad and Denvention, with strategic nap breaks. That is good.

Meanwhile, had to arm wrestle the_child today. Some version of test anxiety gave her stage fright (literally), and she needed a bunch of gentle Dad-like intervention. It was a very Brady moment, but I think I succeeded.

Another day of Day Jobbe work tomorrow, plus finish packing, Fireside time, then Wednesday I’m off into the wild blue yonder.

[personal] Flat in the middle with you

Working at home, I sometimes forget how exhausting an office can be. Everyone is being tremendously supportive, but there’s nowhere to lie down at lunch.

I’d planned to write tonight, but came home early, ate light from the Chinese restaurant down the street, and have been slowly handling email and administrative stuff ever since. I’m flat again. Which is to be expected, given the general stress of travel et cetera. I’m hoping I’m not bottomed out all week — I really need to get this novella finished, and I want all my energy for San Francisco.

As usual, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I am taking it very easy outside my firm obligations in order to compensate.

[personal] Chilling at the beach

the_child and I left Portland amid 90 degree weather, arriving at the beach three hours later in 60 degree weather. My parents served us a fine homemade dinner, after which I collapsed on the couch.

Some Day Jobbe work tomorrow, then family time plus working on “Forests of the Night”, through Saturday. I was going to make a more ambitious blog post about the emotional penalties of cancer, but I’m too damned tired and the bandwidth is very narrow here.

Y’all play nice. I’ll be back around in the morning.

[help] Anyone get The New Yorker

Any of you guys get The New Yorker? I’m interested in the IVR article from the 6/23/08 issue, abstracted here. I’ll cover mailing expense if someone can send me the issue in question.

ETA: And I now have several magnificent volunteers from the audience. Thank you!